Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Word Is Getting Around!

Keep It Up People!


Anonymous said...

This guy reads too much Zionist propaganda regarding Muslims in Europe. The situation in Europe is very different when it comes to Muslims, and frankly, it's mainly right-wing racists who peddle these views supported by the Zionist media.

Not only are the Zionists murdering Muslims in the Middle East as if they are gnats not worthy of being counted, but they smear and vilify them in the media in the West to ensure no sympathy for them.

It's hard to argue that noone can 'criticise' Muslims in Europe out of fear of being labelled an Islamophobe, when the European media is saturated with anti-Muslim scare stories that are often fabricated to begin with.

Watch this documentary (by a conservative British nationalist, no less) about the state of British media when it comes to Islam:

It's open season to insult and ridicule and fearmonger against Muslims.

Prothink said...

I agree. People are still buying into the Jew propaganda about Muslims because they want to demonize the only people out there who are taught about these Jews. So another words these Jews do a good job of instigating all other races and religions against Islam when they could be a powerful ally.

ADL's worst nightmare is the "cross fertilization of hate", meaning people uniting against them because it would be game over quickly for them.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the poster who did the first post.

Another thing: When Jews were living comfortably in Muslim lands in the middle ages, they didn't seem to mind Muslims. Even til now many historians say that the 'golden age' of Jewish civilization was actually of the Sephardic Jews living in Andalusia (Spain) under Muslim rule.

Why the shift in attitude in the last century? Zionism wanted to take Palestine, and the population in the way just happened to be Arab and predominantly Muslim.

In the 50s, 60s, and 70s, when Arab resistance was mostly Arab nationalist in nature (eg Fatah), the media was all about 'Arab terrorism', the backwardness of Arab culture, Arab inferiority, etc, etc.

Now that the main resistance is from more Islamically ideological people (eg Hamas, Hezbollah), the media has shifted from smearing Arabs to smearing Islam as the dangerous, terrorist, backward religion.

The fact is, if Palestinians were Bhuddist, Bhuddism would be shown as a terrorist religion. The whole point of the propaganda is to lay blame with the victims.

The mantra is this: "Palestinians attack Israelis because their savage Arab culture/terrorist Islamic religion teaches them to attack Jews." Conveniently Israeli actions are taken out of the equation, and the motive is removed from Israeli oppression, occupation, and ethnic cleansing, and put into an 'intrinsic factor' of the enemy that Israelis aren't responsible.

With Zionists pushing wars on their enemies via America, it is integral that they unite Western opinion against the 'common enemy'.

Thus all the anti-Arab media. (Watch Reel Bad Arabs). Thus the false flag terror and 'war on terror'. Thus Jewish authors writing about 'Eurabia', and the likes of Daniel Pipes and Robert Spencer talking about Islam's threat to the West (hypocritically forgetting that there are no Muslim countries invading/occupying Western countries, while Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, are getting pounded.)

Anyways, excuse the rant.

Anonymous said...

you guys hit the main point of the subject ..ZIONIST dirty game now is how much they can dirt the image of islam every where to get thier aims done while every body can not see clearly and i agree with prothink when he said that muslims know about thier dirty games under many names since the old time they was this way and never changed thats why they think that muslims are one of enimies that they must distry its onley because muslims can see them clearly behind thier masks ..but why muslims can see them this way ..the answer is easy its in the muslims holly book ( quran) mentioned many times about them and stories in the history of islam shows how they can not keep a promise and they try every time to put a knife in your back when u trust them all they want is to control and to make you nothing but a slave thats thier goal and muslims do not trust them thats why they do every thing by thier giant meida work hollywood included to make every body enimny of arabs and islam because they are afraid that every body know what muslims know about them we can forgive ..but they do not want to change ..we want peace ..but they never wanted it thier books and you will know that they do not love other human races iam not against them if they let all people live in peace if they do not try to steal lands and if they do not try to control countries where they lived and grown and learned ..and free palestine

Goyim Pride said...

There may have been times of relative peace between Jews and Arabs or whoever (few and far between if not RARE) but the Jews have historically been the most hated people wherever they go and continue to be today. Why is this? not because of zionism, that only adds to the fire. but because they monopolize important industries everywhere they go. then they use their power to gain more power, and promote morally, spiritually and sometimes even physically destructive things and behaviors. basically everywhere they go they have hurt the non-Jewish population, and often it's ever worse because they do so, so deceptively. Hurt probably doesn't do justice to what they's like moral, physical and spiritual genocide.

Judaism is the main problem, then their culture, which even if you are not religiously Jewish, they continue to teach you and promote hatred, greed, Jewish supremacism and want you to be part of their crime network...THEN it's israel and zionism.

but you cannot forget,both ISRAEL AND ZIONISM are PRODUCTS of JUDAISM.

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