Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Are Sayanim?


Anonymous said...

At the risk of seeming narrow-minded, but I think the "im" is the difference between singular and plural:

one shekel, two shekelim,
one goy, two goyim and
one sayan, two sayanim

Anonymous said...

I think the Sayanim network shows that its "most Jews" that are what we are talking about, not a "small group of neo-cons" that have taken over the white house. There is no way they could get away with the shit they do without helping each other.

Case in point, look at Cohen who is being investigated for child porn, look who rushed to the rescue, and check out who the lawyers and judges will be. If sentenced, look for him to commit "suicide", case closed. Most likely if convicted he will fake death and flee to Israel. They all do. Thats what Israel is for. A safe place to run to after commiting crimes against the rest of us.

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