Sunday, July 20, 2008

Purchase Yourself A Firearm Anonymously

In 24 states you are able to visit gun show and purchase a firearm with cash in hand and no identification. It is called a "private party sale". So look up your state law on this and if you live in one of these states visit you next local gun show and make sure to invoke you second amendment right. You would normally look for tables that have a supply of guns with a sign listed as "private party", no questions ask, no ID, just cash. You are required to register your weapon I believe after the purchase so that Michael Chertoff's goons know you have them but I will leave that up to you to make that decision. Here are some quotes from JEWepedia's site:
The Jews at wikipedia want you to think like this: "some perceive a "loophole"" , lol
So some 'peceive' there is a 'loophole'. It is a 'loophole' to them (Jews) because they don't want us (goyim cattle) to own firearms.
Another clip from this page:
"Tom Mangan, of the ATF, has stated, "There is no limit to the amount of guns that a private collector can have. Some have 10; some have 1,000, if I go to a gun show and state that this is my private collection, I am not required by law to ask you for identification, ask you to fill out any paperwork or conduct a background check. It is simply cash and carry."[13]"
Lets look at who wants your guns:

Lets look at what the founding fathers said about firearms:

Gun Control Curbs Crime?:


Anonymous said...

I missed my last gun show here, I was going to work as security. I think they're only once a year here, so I'm just going to have to purchase legally. You should put up a list of recommended or cheap firearms so people get a good idea of what is worth paying for.

Anonymous said...

Rx;more copper.

Anonymous said...

"In 24 states you are able to visit gun show and purchase a firearm with cash in hand and no identification"

What would these states be?

I know for a fact there is no need to register either rifles or scatter guns in my state. So driving to a show and picking up both of these in some quantities is very possible.

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