Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pawns, Puppets, and The Players Coup


Anonymous said...

Dude the titles are too fast. Slow them down. We're not Johny-5.

Prothink said...

Sorry but I didn't make this film.

thekong said...

So, when do we start getting rid of these guys?
All the patriot movements do is talk.
The 'great' Bill Cooper said that patriot should not fire the first shot.
The Jews have defeated the great White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.

Anonymous said...

That is what the pause button is for. Doing my best here guys.. I am NOT a professional. Sorry


Anonymous said...

Your players are still pawns. After all, they still have to go to "work".

Anonymous said...

Do you know, that Chertoff in Russian means DEVIL.


Anonymous said...

Awesome video Scott, learned how to use my pause button and everything :P. Seriously, the evidence is clear to all who believe in the truth of these matters. We are at war with the Jews, they declared it on us, not the other way around and they teach this as being the will and word of God:

"Even the best of the goyim, (non-Jews), should be killed." (Abodah Zarah 26b, Tosephoth). [Jewish Talmud]

Bill Cooper was right, the true Patriot does not fire the first shot, the enemy does. The Jews "opened fire" on us a long time ago and now that we realise which direction the "shots" are coming from means we have to take action, for all our non-Jewish sakes.


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