Friday, July 25, 2008

Ognir Interviews DBS (Click Here To Download)

Great discussion about interview here:


Anonymous said...

Suspicious attack from your 'friends'... I mean you and John never publiced info. about them what was the reason for this knifes in your back. The way tey are atacking people who are promoting Eric Hufschmid looks for me like the classic behaviour to devide and create catfights. We know in who's interest this behaviour is. Who's orders they are folowing with this judeo-theatre is bright and clear. Mike and John both of you are too jew-wise to give them this effect they are hoping to reach with their sneaky ambush. Has ognir openly decleard his unity with d-BS from the european capital of the jew-banksters in Switzerland?

Anonymous said...

I still agree with the need to prepare despite DBS' misgivings about it. Keep doing what you think is best. I would simply have gone underground about the militia aspect, it attracts somewhat unwanted attention imo. We need to be ready when the time comes, but keeping it on the down low is the best way to do it as I see it.

Anonymous said...

DBS is another zionist shill, just like David Duke.....

I don't trust DBS anymore.

Anonymous said...

What's the quote? "We must hang together, gentlemen... else, we shall most assuredly hang separately."

thekong said...

I can't believe this darryl bradford smith.
I can't believe Ognir is falling for Smith.
He has the gall to call Hufschmid weird.
To get an idea of who Smith really is I suggest you folks go to Hufschmid's site and listen to the paranoia with which he attacked Hufschmid.
Smith went raving mad because Hufschmid said that he, Smith, was just a voice on the phone. If you think that Alex Jones going off on Mike Delaney was bad you haven't heard anything.
Smith actually demanded that Hufschmid go on the blogs and deliberately attack Chris Bollyn. Smith threatened Hufschmid with bodily harm. He told Hufschmid that he knew where he lived and could get him killed. Smith admitted to having been an ex-convict. You just have to listen to the recordings yourselves.
Smith wanted Hufschmid to even attack Bollyn's 12 yr old son,saying that the son was mentally ill. What business is it of Smith's if the kid has issues?

Smith is always making excuses for jews. All jews are Talmudic. Being a zionist or not is irrelevant.
Even the so-called Torah True jews are bogus. They all look at gentiles as supernal refuse. Read their material.
Going back to DBS, I've been listening to these guys for years.
Long before I heard of Delaney, John of Force Multiplication and Ognir, I got lots of information from Hufschmid et al.
I am telling you that Smith is wrong about Hufschmid. He is always complaining about how hard he is working and how tough it is and how we are losing to the jews. Hufschmid is always positive. I have never heard a deppressed or defeatist attitude from Hufschmid.

Do not take my word for it. Go and listen to the recording between Smith and Hufschmid. He went nuts on Hufschmid.
I would not recommend Smith to anyone.
Smith's website is only good for downloading old books.
There are things which Hufschmid says with which I disagree, nevertheless, Smith is wrong.

Thank you

thekong said...

After listening to this interview in its entirety,I have to write Ognir off along with Smith.

Pathetic!!. These guys want 'to win the hearts and minds of the jews'.
Such junk!!!!!

I wander if John will continue to 'higly recommend' Smith on Force Multiplication?

12 hour day tomorrow

Anonymous said...

We would be better off forgiving each other and remain allies rather then becoming bitter enemies and looking like fools. This can be worked out, it's not that big a deal. Talk it over, but enough of the bullsh*t fighting, not that it's even at that point yet. Others: quit stirring the pot dammit!It makes us all look like fools. Stay the course or these monsters will keep winning and you know who they are. Let us show them that we are better then them, but then that's obvious as are hearts are good. Let us be the voices that no one else has and work things out and keep this damn info moving. That's the bottom line here guys, all these fights just put the fight on hold and we have very little time to make as much noise as possible. Stay the damned course! We may not claim to be the 'chosen ones' but we have chosen to give them a fight and expose them every inch of the way.

Anonymous said...

Are we dedicated to the truth or a person? Stick with the truth, and tell it like there is no tomorrow. Many of you have a good thing going with others-keep it alive, work out your differences. Most importantly--stick with the info, the verifiable facts, and move it forward.

Prothink said...

Sure have been a lot of 'anonymous' commentators on my site lately... I hope certain people aren't trying to play games by playing the old trick of pretending to be multiple people in order to psy-op the idea that more people feel a certain to fit one's agenda. I might be a little green in this but I wasn't born yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I also noticed that everywhere I blog or post or am providing content as a producer, editor etc has been pounded by people dissing or being negative. If only these people who beat down ones good honest work, spread lies, untruths or just plain old gossip really knew how much we monitor them. Try changing computers every once and a while. Site hit counters log all that info...

Anonymous said...

i've had enough of the bashing of people.
if you disagree with or have a problem with someone's words, then use words to explain why.
i understand that alex jones is responsible for a lot of the panic, paranoia, etc, but it really is getting tiring.
you don't have to agree with or even like anyone, but make that decision for yourself, and stick to the facts as you know/understand them, i reckon.
you are your own man (or woman) and to follow one guy, then go follow this guy, then that guy.. looking for your 'perfect guy' leads nowhere.
read everything, listen to everything.. and make up your mind.
and maybe some valium will help that bash :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with thekong77

Northerntruthseeker said...

I have no need to be anonymous, and have stated very clearly what my thoughts are about the idea of creating a haven for people to go to for a better society. I am against it, for it weakens the fight by taking away our exposure, and voice in public in fighting the criminals.

DBS may be right about EH, for EH has really gone a bit overboard with his blaming everything on all Jews. Not all Jews are Zionists, and a lot do not give a real damn about Israel. It is those who would live and die for Israel first, and work covertly to damage our society for that purpose that are the danger.

Mike, Darryl may not be right all the time, but maybe you should take heed into what he has to say.
Your work has been valuable in getting people to understand the truth, and Darryl is just worried about you straying from that path.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to hide here-'Scott'=RCS from TIU

Prothink said...

I have left a breakdown on Tiu forum about where I stand in all this. I still support John, DBS, EH, Ognir and others for their work. I certainly don't agree with everything everyone says but lets just focus on these enemies. I am not however ignorant to the fact or possibility that there might be some among us who aren't playing on the right team or just have different game plans but as long as this story gets out to the public and better yet they prepare and do something about this mess than the ultimate goal is successful.

In the words of Rodney King: "cant we all just get along", j/k lol . Lets get these bastards now!

Goyim Pride said...

Well I guess I'll share my thoughts.

I have ALWAYS felt uncomfortable with EH and thought there was something off with him and his whole site. Plus he lost me when he said there was no need to own any weapons, and we should just trust our cops after educating them. pshht yeah right.

As far as DBS, I like most of what he says. Now I def. do NOT agree with everything he says. But to write him off I think is VERY stupid.

As far as John goes..well I have also always been cautious of what he says and promotes, BUT to a much lesser degree then EH. I LIKE most of what he says..a large majority of it, and I link to his site just as I do with DBS. Never the less, I am open-minded enough to not "stay loyal" to him or ANYONE else when I come across new information. The interview talked about that, just not WANTING to believe someone is a shill or some group is responsible for some of the worst crimes known to man.

Ognir I def. feel is innocent as far as being a shill. I think* he is just open-minded and remains teachable as we all must in order to remain a threat to this Jew World Order as like to call it.

And seriously, not all Jews are involved. many are just ignorant and have been mislead since birth. But that doesn't change the facts of what their doing.

Judaism is satanic, I do believe that. And ALL forms of it, Talmudic, Kabbalistic, and the others. So religious Jews, (still many are mislead) zionist Jews, and others in powerful positions or aid the fellow Jews in crimes against gentiles are guilty and need to be dealt with one way or another

anyways..I think I may revise this and write something longer clearly stating my opinions on who are the criminals we're after, who I support, who I think are shills, and those I may be in the middle about.

Anyways please check out my site,

It's not as good as Prothinks or DBS's, but it's getting there and I put up some different info as well as some of the same.


PS I still support Prothink of course; I think Mike is clean, but has the potential to be mislead by people as do I and everyone else.

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