Thursday, July 10, 2008

Notice Anything Familiar? You Should Be Able To Add 1+1=Jew

USS Liberty:

Hmmmmmmmmmm.... Deja vu?


Khanverse said...




Anonymous said...

what can we do? our congress is controlled by them. our media is also owned and controlled by them. when we speak out about these issues we are anti-semetic or labeled as hate groups and crazies. instead of debating the issue they go on the attack! what is the solution to this problem?
how can this republic be returned to the people?

Anonymous said...

^^^I agree. We need more solutions being thrown out there. A lot of people know this info, but now we need solutions.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh

At 1.40 the dispatcher says "...we should beat the shit out of them.." in reference to the guys in the truck.

Anonymous said...


My answer would be to keep laying the bare facts about these people out in a calm manner and force them to talk about it or smear you as an 'Anti-Semite'. Let them say it all they want. Honest people will see through the ruse and it will lose its sting, as it has been for the last few years. Don't let it phase you in the least. Answer that it's just a smoke screen for their criminal activities and where it as a badge of honor. I do. You have to turn their words against them. If they call you a racist, ask them why their Talmud is racist, or why do they hate every nation so much that they want to destroy them by flooding all of them with immigrants, etc.

Oh, and join your state militia, too.

Anonymous said...

The republic will ONLY be returned to the people when THE PEOPLE stand up and TAKE IT BACK. This means war folks. If you haven't figured out you're all being lead around by GENOCIDAL MANIACS that WILL NOT STOP until you are dead, there is NO HOPE. It will NOT stop EVER until you TAKE THEM OUT. Yes, exposing them to more of the public is important, but if someone doesn't DO something we're ALL TOAST. No more parades for the criminal jew leaders. No more marching and waving their names on banners. They think it's a TRIBUTE to their tyranny. You must take SOLID action. Everybody sleeps some time.

Anonymous said...

At the 1 minute 10 seconds point in the video we hear the officer saying, "It's a big truck with a mural painted on it of an airplane crashing into New York City and exploding."

Now let's stop and think about this for a second. These Jews have set out, not only to murder thousands of American Citizens, but this incident describing the truck tells us a whole lot about the mindset of these Jewish terrorists, they actually think that that the whole evil slaughter they have planned is actually amusing.

They have the evil arrogance to drive through the city they are about to devastate blatantly advertising their intentions on the side of their truck, no doubt laughing at the innocent civilians as they drove past them.

I think this incident with the truck mural design, more than any other, really emphasises the Jews total belief in their racist Talmud where we read such things as:

"The goyim, (non-Jews), are not like men but are as animals." (Kerithuth 6b).

"The seed, (child), of a goy is worth the same as that of a beast." (Kethuboth 3b; Baba Mecia 114, 6).

The Jews really do see us as being nothing more than "human garbage", to be be disposed of as they see fit. So the next time a Jew accuses you of being racist, just remember that truck and what they themselves teach as being the will and word of God in their Satanic Talmud.


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