Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Newly Updated!

If you haven't heard about Benjamin Freedman than this is one of the most important things to hear especially if you are new to these topics. Help get this message out:
Click Image below:

Benjamin Freedman


Anonymous said...

Still stuck on the Jews I see...

How's your no-planer brothers doing?

Anonymous said...

Great to see someone having the guts to expose these criminals.

Anonymous said...

LMAO -> TruthgoneWild: "How's your no-planer brothers doing?"

Nice deflection and false association ... too bad it only works on the feeble minded.


Anonymous said...

Maybe its time to have truthgonewild just be called "truth is gone"!

What is that fool smoking? Ben Freedman spoke the TRUTH about the Zionist goal of world domination some 30+ years ago, and it is still relevant today!

It appears that this "truthgonewild" is either a shill, a zionist agent, or a foolish sayanim agent, working for the criminals in vain attempts to pollute sites like this one.

Keep up the fight, Mike, and we who know the truth will just laugh in the face of idiots like Mr. "truthgonewild"!

Joe Blow said...

TruthgoneWild, I'm a big AJ fan just like you, but I support him as much as I support the John Birch Society (good starting point to gather info and meet people, but completely and utterly Jew-controlled).

Secret info about Alex Jones Jew ties:

1. Wife is a converted Christian (used to be a Jew).

2. His newest child's (a son) name is "Einstein".

3. By Jew law, all his younglings are Jews.

4. He digustingly slobbers at the feet of any Jew who slithers on his show.

5. Mentioned quite a number of times that it was unfair how non-Jew spouses have a hard time to immigrate to Itsalie.

Anonymous said...

"truthgonewild"? More like "BullshitArtistGoneWild" has posted yet more pointless nonsense in his long list of pointless comments.

Maybe I should post something like this so that you can understand me "truthgonewild":

"Still stuck on Alex Jones I see...

How's your Jew brothers doing?"

LMAO, what a jerk you are m8:).

@ Joe: Great comment bro, the sooner people wake up to Jones and his Zionist servitude the better, he's leading many thousands up blind alleyways everyday. He's no American Patriot, that's for sure.


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