Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Reply To A Ralph Nader Supporter

The Nader supporter's video:

My Response:

This video is a crock and you know it. It isn't 'white people' who own the central banks, it isn't 'white people' that own the media here, it isn't 'white people' that owned most of the slave ships and plantations that brought blacks here nor was it the 'white people' banks that forced other whites onto Native American land. No, it isn't 'white people' that are the ones who benefit from the wars in the middle east because middle eastern countries aren't enemies to Europe or America, just Israel. It isn't 'white people' who control the super spy agencies like ADL, Amdocs, Converse, AIPAC, etc. It isn't 'white people' (or ARABS) that were caught with bombs in their trucks on 9/11 near the towers. It isn't 'white people' who own Hollywood. The same Hollywood that perpetrates and promotes race baiting and glorifies broken homes for the benefit of dividing people to make them easier to conquer. It isn't 'white people' who are trying to disarm America for the Talmudic feast and slaughter. Whites have been the scape goats for everyone else's problem while the Jews get away with every dirty war and act of terrorism in the book. The reason 'white people' get blamed is because it is the only force out there that has had the biggest fighters against these satanist Jews. Now they have been doing a new trick for the past couple centuries which has done a good job at tricking people and that game is called "crypto-jewery". A crypto-Jew is someone who pretends to assimilate and blend in with the native lands and they even change their names to do so. They pretend to be rights activists (ACLU, NAACP, Southern Poverty Law Center, MoveOn.Org, DemocracyNow, Peace and Justice, Peace Action, just to name a VERY small amount of these groups, etc etc) in order to control dissent and do damage control. This is why when the Russian government (Jewish Bolshevik Revolution) was hijacked by over 90% Jews, a lot of them had their names changed prior and also instituted laws against the citizenry from IDENTIFYING someone being a Jew and if you identified one of these criminal Jews in Russia it was an executable offense. Thats right, if you identified Trotsky or Lenin as a Jew, it was death for you, the non-Jew. Hence the reason you see JEWS in America pushing for 'hate laws', new name, same game. This is why people like John Kerry, George Tenet and many others throughout our government changed their names to different sounding names. This way if the American public starting realizing the overwhelming Jewish names they would start asking questions and find out the ugly truth. In Russia, once they had full control, they proceeded to slaughter 30-60 million of its own citizens.
So the race baiting and pushing the filth you push along with missing the boat on who are the ones pushing this garbage is inexcusable. Get your information correct and have the courage to speak it instead of blaming people in the same boat as yourself, the 'white man'.
Best of all learn what a sayanim is Click HERE


WHITE MAN - Mike Delaney


Goyim Pride said...

I agree Mike. They blame white people for a lot, but they love to blame races for things. They blame black people for situations that Jews put them in. Jews promote gangster rap, drugs, violence, promiscuity and degradation of women and all sorts of immoral stuff in the black community through their direct control of the music industry and Hollywood. Then they love to black Arabs and Islam for a whole load of shit, brainwashing Americans so much that when an American hears the word terrorist he thinks about Arabs. Then they blame illegal immigration on the Mexicans and Hispanics, even though Jews are the ones LETTING THEM IN. All the immigrants are trying to do is make a better life for themselves and their families, you cannot blame them for that. The ones to blame are those who let them in, in the first place, and those who promote open borders *Cough JEWS Cough*.

They love to pit Goyim peoples against each other. The Goyim must unite against criminal Judaism. If that ever happened, this would all be over in a day.



Joe Blow said...

Right on Prothink, get down with your bad self! If more people had this attitude and were more aggresive, the Jew would've never gotten away with as much as he has!

Anonymous said...

This guy is the typical idiot who can't figure the difference between his own ass and a hole in the ground. Your analysis is SPOT ON Mike.

Anonymous said...

To say that I was angry after watching this video tripe would be the understatement of the year. This guy is not only a danger to himself but also to those who are swayed by his so-called "arguement" on this subject.

He is obviously totally unaware of the true, historical facts concerning this situation and yet still sets himself up as some kind of "authority" on the subject.

Instead of being overly concerned with massaging his "online ego" he should try some actual research, he's well overdue for a reality check.

WolfGman <<< one of those "evil" white guys.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Barak Obama is the "great white hope", while the vast majority of white America is poor or middle class, many serving in Zionist wars for which they'll have no reward but a piece of metal and ribbon, painful memories and permanent wounds, and be completely oblivious as to the real cause. This man is a delusional denigrator of his own race, thinking that he's so 'noble' for doing so that he'll win the respect of non-whites, when they'll just look at him as nothing more than a useful idiot to instill guilt into whites for nothing. He can be one the first of those we throw out of the country to one of the areas of the non-white world. In other words, he go to hell.

Anonymous said...

"white this" "white that", better form a more constructive argument.

That Scottroberts44 guy from youtube has already shown he's racist with his videos about race... as if it matters or anyone gives a fuck lol that dude is an idiot.

Fuck all that shit.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I must disagree.
The Ashkenazi Jews are white, no matter how they try to make us deny that fact{and instead force us to call them a separate race}. Why do you think many of the white supremacists are Jewish?

@goyim pride: Sorry, but Mexican illegal immigration is not from the Zionists.
It's Mexicans fleeing their country, not to mention most of the Zionists, while they do promote it in public sometimes, are actually secretly hoping for closed borders.

Basically, they're not letting them in America, they're forcing them out of Mexico, and then sending them back again.

And even when the day comes, when the Zionist crime syndicate does come down, there will sadly be many more crime gangs waiting to take their place.

And people, let's not blame all the Jews, all right? Only Zionists are to blame{There are Gentile Zionists , too}.

We all need to unite as one multiethnic, unicultural, multireligious nation as Americans.

Without unity, we will all fall divided and conquered. No race is better than the other, no matter what the Zionists tell us.


Anonymous said...

Scott Roberts is a racist? He proved that with his videos? Hey troublemaker, no one is "biting the bait" here, you've just totally embarrassed yourself with that cheap outburst.

No name on your post and no respect for others. Do you really expect your comment to be taken seriously by anyone here?

There's only one idiot in this thread and your childish rant makes that idiot easy to identify. Grow up son.


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