Sunday, July 13, 2008

Judaism a religion of Terrorists?


R.F.F.I.T.D.R. said...


You have a SUPERB blog. I put a link to your site on my blog.
Keep up the great work.

Prothink said...

Thank you.

thekong said...

This is to Mike Delaney

Have you read all of "all white nation's' post? Click on his link. This person is a blind racialist. He is not interested in unity.
I have heard you and John talk about unity repeatedly. Mike, you accept a compliment from this racist. He says that he just wants to hunt down black people just for the sake of killing them.
Also wants to establish a white homeland. In the USA?
Maybe you need to reconsider what you want to accomplish here Mike.

Prothink said...

Kong, it sounds like you are the one promoting me to seperate from people who the common goal, to rid the Jewish domination and terrorism around the world. I could care less what someone else's views are as long as we are united on the same goal. This would be as silly as saying I shouldn't talk to Khanverse because he is Muslim. Just because I thank someone for acknowledging the content on my website doesn't mean I am signing onto their views. In my opinion your comment is being double speak. Have you ever seen me advocate running around killing blacks, latins, etc? No. I fight the Talmudic Jews and their friends here. Hope this clears some things up. I do agree that a lot of the white nationalist crowds need to put their differences behind them and settle those issues later about other non-jew races until all of us have dealt with these Jews. The educated white nationalists I have spoken to have whole heartedly agreed even if they don't agree with me on other issues. Another words, I don't need to 'reconsider' shit here.

Anonymous said...


It's white nationalists who have been shouting these truths for decades. The johnny-come-lateleys who have jumped on this bandwaggon are obviously still in the dark as to the real nature of this problem.

Blind hatred is a symptom of radicalisation and betrays a frustration and weakness in the person consumed by it. This, however, does not make their arguments invalid.

Culture is a product of race.
When the race is destroyed, so is the culture. A nation (derived from natal) is an extended family. Defending it is as rational as defending your children.

The "New World Order" to which everyone refers is impossible to achieve when there exists a strong sense of nationhood. Nationalism is the only weapon against internationalism.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous: The white nationalists are all either puppets of the Zionists, or out for themselves, to destroy America in their own way, and judging from what I know, 95% of them are in the former category.
I don't have a problem with Caucasians being REGIONALLY nationalist{I'm white myself, and I love this country}, but RACIAL nationalism was first made and espoused by the Talmudic Jews and only introduced to us 'Goyim' to make us fight amongst one another, so I do worry about my fellow Caucasians{and the rest of my fellow Americans}, falling into the race trap.

Not to mention that America's culture came from MANY races, not just the white one. Although that probably isn't the case in most other countries, I must admit.

@prothink: Let's not forget that there many non-Zionist, non-Talmudic, Jews who want to fight WITH us, as DBS has rightfully pointed out many times.
Also, I do worry about some of your friends, because they may end up dragging you down and ultimately destroying you, like what almost happened to DBS with EH
{Daryl Smith and Eric Hufschmid respectively}, not to mention what I told one of the anonymous posters. I have quite a bit of respect for ProThink, Mike, and I'd hate to see this happen.


Anonymous said...

Race is to humans as species is to animals. DBS hasn't a clue as to the driving forces of world history.
Why do people seek out certain breeds of dogs for particular Characteristics? Shouldn't any dog be as desireable as any other?

Leftist radical leaders ALWAYS spring from the same group of people for reasons stated above. Just look at the leaders of all such movements throughout history.

Race is the missing element in politics today, though it wasn't always so. You can read about Franz Boas to understand why we believe what we believe today.

It's a little ironic that the strength of the zionist movement can be attributed to its ethnic cohesiveness and nationalist nature. Perhaps thats why they decry such movements outside their own?

DBS is still trapped within the Marxist paradigm and cannot hope to win any battle on the ground he's standing.

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