Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jews Are Getting *READY*, But Are You?


Don't let these scum tell you how you should lay down and be a pacifist and deter you from being prepared and getting *READY* while these Jews are setting up JEW terrorist camps around our country in order to assist their Jew-Occupied government brethren in the slaughter of non-Jew Americans.
Get your ass *READY*, not much time left.


Anonymous said...

I agree there's not much time left. But I followed Eric Huffschmid's advice and turned in my guns when I reported on the zionists to my police department. They thanked me and put my name on a list of trusted patriots to consult in future emergencies.

Anonymous said...

a list of all known camps:

a video about one of them:

Anonymous said...

Our very own Stern gang. We'll see if they sink as low as the name.

Anonymous said...

These thugs probably have access to firepower that a gentile would be arrested for owning.

Anonymous said...

To think that one of these Jew Units could be in your very own back yard, an uncomfortable thought indeed. How long do you think it will be before they start infiltrating the American Militia on a large scale?

John has already pointed out in his videos that this has indeed happened on a small scale already. As a Militia Leader you would have to be well awake to this disturbing fact and take the necessary precautions.


Anonymous said...

I heard from a friend this is your blog. That is soo wrong what youtube did to you. Atleast I can still talk to you here. I'm lucky to have talked to you on youtube.

Well take care friend, the end times is coming closer.

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