Sunday, July 13, 2008

JESUS WAS NOT A Jew (Click Here)


Anonymous said...

Was Jesus a "Jews" as we understand them today? No.

Was Jesus a "Jew" in the organized Jewry of his time? No.

Was Jesus a "Jew"? Yes. He was a "Jew" because he was a person of the land where you were called such because of geographical location. The term Judaean was used, properly in Greek as Ioudaios. That term was also used in regards to Galileans, and was also used as an outsider term by the insider Israelites.

The term does not mean "Jew", it means Judaean, so properly you cannot apply the term "Jew" to a Judaean since that word didn't exist back then, there was no such thing as a "Jew".

So it depends on how you want to semantically associate the word "Jew" with Jesus/Yeshua. Since "Jew" refers to the religious ideology of Judaism in some respects, and Jesus was in some way a Judaist in the sense of the original teachings, he was a "Jew". But since you can exclusively deny the term "Jew" to apply to original Israelites and instead only refer to the sons of Satan and other such concepts, then it wouldn't apply to Jesus. Again it depends on how to strictly define "Jew" and the preceding definitions through the ages.


Goyim Pride said...

Jesus was not a Jew period. He was the founder of Christianity, how could he be a Jew? You should hear what HE had to say about Jews, Judaism, and the pharisees AKA the Talmud.

Come see my blog site too, I should be making a video shortly about the Talmud, but I have tons of other great stuff on their too.

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