Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Holocaust Commentary


Anonymous said...

It is impossible to play this video on your website or on You Tube. The video stops after playing for 2 seconds. The only way I could play it was to download it first.

Anonymous said...

Excellent video. When will the truth about the Holocaust become known ?

Anonymous said...

Spreading the Jewish holocaust myth in synagogues ought to be banned.

Anonymous said...

Not just the holocaust myth, but the jews themselves should be banned from the entire planet.

Anonymous said...

My Reply To A Ralph Nader Supporter

i meant to respond to the video title above, sorry, my comment is meant for that and not this thread.


Sylvester Whitney said...

The very fact that it's illegal for people to research what went down is all the proof I need to know that the holocaust is a big pile of shit.

Anonymous said...

You can never get a munber on the jewish popultion, they always block it with there connections and corruption. But they know how many goys there are, they make it there buisnes to know.And remember that a jewish docter will never cure you of any illnes,I can prove this with my medical records.

Anonymous said...

The Jews are the racist supremacists of mankind, racial hatred is not only a way of life to them, but they've also managed to make into a religion too.

The Holocaust "sympathy card" is well worn at the edges now and people are finally starting to wake up to this fact.


Anonymous said...

Another video that starts to scratch the surface.


Anonymous said...

You said: "Another video that starts to scratch the surface."

But Youtube says: "Cette vidéo n'est pas disponible dans votre pays". I guess Youtube blocks this video in my country.

There is censorship everywhere. Some megalomaniacs make democracy and human rights a farce. They have fascist structures behind the surface and tell everyone the censorship is to avoid fascism. They start wars and tell (...word censored by myself, because of threat of prison) about history. Those sheeple who only watch sports and comedy shows just don't know it.

Instead they elect the same puppets again and again who back this up. The same puppets who prepare a new world order where 0,001% of the population will soon own everything, because the pseudo governments will have to sell everything and the middle class corporations will lose it all step by step in a manipulated finance system.

The world will turn to Neofeudalism. And the stupid people will not notice it until the very last day. But then it is too late.

Where are our policemen? Why are the secret services and the military do not do anything? Why don't they not even just send some bucks to the last investigative journalists?

I don't get it. Are all of them so dumbed down? But I am not better: I "learned" in school, the Nazis made lamb shades and soap out of prisoners. And I believed it, because stories like this were all over the media, the books, the cinema, everywhere again and again and again and again.

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