Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Expulsion of the Jews


truth said...

as a palestenien i hope the day will comme soon to see those killer out of palestine and all know about thier crimes all over those passed years freedom for palestine and for you in usa get freedom as soon as you can

Anonymous said...

It's too bad the delegates at the Continental Congress didn't listen to Benjamin Franklin who knew this history and the causes behind it. Sadly most of the other delegates were not so privy to this aspect of history. We should start a "never forget" campaign, that is, a "never forget jewish treachery" campaign

Anonymous said...

It is especially sad about the control that these monsters have over America and the world today. They, through their satanist Rothschild empire, have dominance over most of the countries on this planet and are the cause of all of the wars, and genocides, of the last century!

These monsters have no qualms about watching us, the Goyim, destroy each other, all in the pursuit of their own greed, and selfishness. They look upon us as cattle or sheep, and as being lesser human than they are!

Mankind is supposed to be above animals in terms of intelligence, and we should be the most sociable and kindest creatures on the planet. We should be sharing all of the wealth of the planet amongst each other, and have no need for greed, or selfish behavior.

It is only due to these maniacs pursuit of their ideological and very racist promotion of being "superior" to their fellow man that we live in a world where some people suffer greatly when there is absolutely no reason for such suffering!

Greed, selfishness, racism, hate..These are the forces that drive these people. As far as true human society is concerned, these reasons are why they have been driven out of every nation on the planet that they have infested!

We are now at the point in our history that the ultimate battle between good and evil is upon us. These maniacs calling themselves "Jews", or "Zionists" are clearly the forces of evil. We have the choice therefore as to what direction our future is to be, and must battle for good.

Make the choice, and stand up for the good of mankind. Reject sloth, despair, and selfishness. Never say "It doesn't affect me", or "Why should I care?". These are what these evil creatures want us to do, while they quietly and covertly fulfill their plans of our enslavement!

Remember that laziness, or an unwillingness, of the Goyim to do anything against them is what aids them in their evil plot.

Anonymous said...

Adding to the post arguing against thinking 'it [jewish control] doesn't matter to me', I'd like to add that it matters to them [jews].

Jewish supremacy matters very much to them [jews]... and it means your subjection to them. They aren't thinking about justice and fairness, the mistake most goyim make... due to their lack of personal knowledge or experience relating with members of the paranoid tribe. There's a reason why so many great men of the past [including Martin Luther, founder of the Lutheran church] had scathing things to say about them [jews].

My experience tells me that anyone that identifies themself as a 'jew' doesn't have normal human scales of justice. Check this out yourself. Find out what's happening to the Palestinians. Then get to know a jew and talk to him or her about it.

Anonymous said...

In Holland its the same with the media.
Only zionist crap on TV,and when you talk to the people about the zionist maffia the think i am grazy.
The are compleet brainwashed from the media with non issue's about sport,soaps en false notificatons.
I try in holland also exposed the hoax.
Problem in holland are the holocaustlaw.
The can send me to prison when i speak about the truth.
Not that i am scared about it,but the are scared.
Public to the media i cant talk about it.

I tell everybody that de zionist order are rulling the world,and that the rich elite are there boss.
Today we live in the 4 reich.
Hitler was the 3 reich,the USA have taking over that role.
When Iran is getting bombed we are in deep trouble.
What are China doing and Russia.
Maybe the are scared.
Maybe not.
1 thing are sure.
The need oil.
A lot of oil.
And nobody can stop a grazy country,who need oil.
The elite wants to make a slave of everybody.
After Iran i think the dollar are falling down.
And then the put there new money-system.
Track and trace.

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