Saturday, July 19, 2008

Donations For "Project Off The Grid"

In order to get the community off the ground as quickly as possible we need all the help we can get from fellow concerned citizens. We also have a number of American Veterans who want to come out and assist us in building the community and training the people to defend themselves, but a number of these Vets haven't the money to travel across the States to get to our location. Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated. Realize that you're investing in the safety and well being of fellow Americans during these trying times. As little as $5.00 can help tremendously. Thank you and stay strong!

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Northerntruthseeker said...

Project "off the grid" is a very dangerous option in our fight against the Zionist criminals. It weakens the fight by removing spokespersons who should be out in the public from being visible out in the public.

That visibility is the most important factor in this fight. If we disappear from the radar, then the criminals have us where they want us!

A much better alternative is to use any money to get more visibility, and audio/visual devices to further expose these nutjob criminals.

Please reconsider this "Off the grid" project. It has so much potential to work against the anti-Zionist movement.

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