Sunday, July 20, 2008

Alternative To Live Fire Militia Training

People all over the country are doing tactical training with paintball and airsoft guns. Go practice and join up with some of these people but make sure to watch out for the 'chosen ones'. Start dropping information on these people because more than likely these people also have real firearms at home and some extensive training as these guys:


Anonymous said...

I think you guys have a unique ability. I will call it... "jew-dar".

Keep up the good work on the website, community, and videos!

Anonymous said...

Be carefull with paintball, it can teach you some bad habbits too, you take bugger chances when playing paintball than you should when real guns are involved, for this reason many trainers in the army reframe from using airsoft or paintball for training.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to go with that guy, I used to play paintball and it's more of a sport than a training course, but it def teaches you something and gives you good shoot & cover reflex.

Anonymous said...

i didnt like playing paintball! it hurts when you get shot and rolling around in the dirt is no fun!

lazer quest is much better!

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