Saturday, June 28, 2008

Scott's Breakdown Of "Alex Jones Vs Prothink" Call-in

The call-in uncut of Prothink calling into Alex Jones:

Scott's breakdown:

The day after this call however, to Alex's credit, he did apoligize on the air and even mentioned something along the line that I wasn't that bad. This does not discredit Scott's message that Alex will not illustrate the whole picture of who is really behind most of what he talks about. I do...


Anonymous said...

Alex Jones doesn't have a "leg to stand on" after his attack on Prothink. He showed his true colours and really embarrassed himself.

As for all this "the Arabs own Hollywood" nonsense, well, he just took one big step off of "Planet Reality" with that comment. A kid with a laptop can find out in an hour who owns and runs, not just Hollywood, but 95% of the Mainstream Media and publishing industries.

Keep telling it how it really is Prothink, we've had enough of "dead-end streets". Peoples' lives are at stake, mis-leaders like Jones will have that on their conscience, if he does indeed have one.


Anonymous said...

Good work, Michael. The unremitting juggernaut called Truth forces watchdogs upon speakers' lips which signal to listeners the veracity of their words. Your simple phone-in technique used on Alex Jones left him nowhere to run. He was corralled and he knew it because he knew real truth tellers know about Freedman and Bernstein. Knowledge inexorably moves the Truth juggernaut forward.

This same technique can be used effectively on other Zionist enablers who use the 90%/10% truth/falsehood formula. It is brilliant. Your audio proved 100% that Alex Jones is an enemy agent specialist in Disinformation.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Alex Jones and We Are Change are agents, PERIOD. Luke (polish jew?) Rudkowski is the ring leader for We Are Chumps, and along with Alex Jones, they have done a great job leading people down the wrong path. STILL nobody looks very closely at Dan Wallace's death at such a young age. HE was the one who started WAC, and in my opinion was KILLED to keep him from saying too much. He probably figured out Israel was behind the attacks before he figured out Rudkowski and friends were there to take his place. Yup....they killed that fella, I know it.

Anonymous said...

Jones is entertaining and useful upto a point. I'm not sure whether he hides the zio angle to protect his income and status or because he's on the payroll. But there's no doubt he skirts the issue skillfully whenever it is raised.
Alan Watt does the same and makes me wonder if his mission was to derail Jackie Patru and neutralise her message.
Von Bulow also has diluted his views to an all-encompasing conspiracy as opposed to his israel-centric early post 911 views.
Apparently the Loose Change guys are doing a docu "exposing" israels role in 911, but it looks to me as though they are going to paint a picture where ALL major powers were involved and therefore reponsible. I hope it backfires the way it did with initial screenings of Mr Death - the Fred Leuchter story. I suspect it probably will, because a whole can of worms will be opened up which has until now remained on the fringe.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is an idiot! There can be no doubt in anyone's minds anymore that he is an agent for the bad guys.

People need to steer clear of his radio BS squawk show once and for all! Maybe when all of his listeners turn away from his idiocy and realize what a buffoon he really is, he will just fade away once and for all!

Anonymous said...

Alex sounded more like a Crowleyite
than a Christian in that reckless
spate of swearing and subterfuge.
I think it does cast doubt on his
sincerity and authenticity as a truth seeker. His dad was a Freemason, so maybe he's been subjected to Masonic mind control
and has DID or MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). In any case, after hearing Alex rail on
Mike, I look on Alex with deep suspician.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that Alex Jones is a liar and shill for the Jews. He can be dangerous. Do not trust him.

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