Saturday, June 28, 2008

Meet Kay Griggs (Click Here)


aZiXx said...

Great woman she is, with so much dirt on these homo sex-party blackmailed sick frakkers! Thats how they get so many puppets under their thumb.

8-hour interview is hard to get through though... LOL.

Joe Blow said...

Camouflage stoodges of the Jew Illuminati be on tha down-low.

Anonymous said...

Gimme 3 reasons her testimony has credibility. She seems Arizona Wilder/Cathy O'Brien to me.

John T. Lynch said...

I've heard before that Kay's testimony is only partially true, and she makes up quite a lot. If she were to gather corroborative evidence other than her testimony she would be more credible.

However, we do know about the blackmail of government officials by the elite, so it would come as no surprise to me that she's telling the whole truth.

Gyrene said...

The first time I heard Kay Griggs on "The French Connection," I had remembered at the end of Boot Camp the instructors brought us to the big room where we were first brought in at the begining (where we were first indoctrunated). The instructors left us with some military pshycologists (sic). They gave us each a sheet of paper with questions about sexual abuse, sexual deviancy, and homosexual behavior. Before we were to fill it out, the military handlers told us to be truthful as possible, because it was used for research. They told us it would be anonymous and would not be held against us. That has always stuck out in my mind as being somewhat strange.

After hearing Kaye talk, it completely fit. These bastards were looking for people whom they can pray upon and blackmail into doing whatever they feel is necessary. I answered all the questions in the negative (meaning I had no history of abuse or any deviant sexual behavior or homosexual tendancies) and didn't move up in rank at all. It could just be a oparanoid thought, but it seems to me that most in the higher levels must have something hanging over their head.

Any of you in at the same time as me (late nineties) remember getting this little questionaire too?

Northerntruthseeker said...

Kay Griggs needs to be heard by more people. Her statements are so true about who controls the US Government, and she even mentions that it is a foreign government (Israel) in several of her speeches.

Great job again, Mike, in bringing this great courageous woman's speeches into your website for more people to pay attention to!

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