Friday, September 26, 2008

Jewish Hollywood's Role In Blackmailing Blacks

This same story can be held true for any group in Hollywood but this is a good breakdown of how they blackmail the black actors/actresses:


Anonymous said...

Good video but i dont agree with the afrocentric view. I think its the same for everyone.

Evan said...

I think this was a pretty week video as far as connecting it to Jewish supremacists, but aside from that, it is interesting, and kind of disturbing.

Prothink said...

Very true, it isn't the best video but it does offer some insight and also gives people yet another incident of how these people work through blackmail and demoralizing tactics.

Jake Stein said...

Damn, not every video has to make a direct connection to Jewish supremacists. Some of them are just sick fucks, in their personal conduct and in the filth they peddle. And not everyone is ready for the supremacist angle or the Israel behind 9/11 issue, because most suckers have been fed this trash for so long they actually demand it. And they've never heard the term "Zionism" before.

That makes this video very useful. It can lead to a lot of places, such as the Jewish domination of the slave trade, the media, what passes for "culture," their self-promotion, and their creation and control of so-called "black" interest groups like the NAACP, which was founded by Jacob Schiff himself!

Anonymous said...

No wonder Dave Chappelle left Hollywood and calls his farm "Fuck Hollywood". Especially after they lynched him in the media.


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