Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Evidence The '9/11 Conspiracy Theorist' Don't Want You To Know About!

For those who think Zeitgeist, In Plane Site, Loose Change, Road To Tyranny, Esoteric Agenda, and the rest out there are telling you the whole truth and nothing but the truth, ask why NONE of this evidence is in their film? Can you figure it out yet? MOST OF THE 9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENT IS CONTROLLED BY THE SAME, OR FRIENDS OF, THE ZIONIST JEWS THAT DID 9/11. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

Israel and the ZIONIST JEWS in the American government did 9/11, not jesuits, masons, lizards, ufos, germanic death cults, Bush and his puppy.....

Dual citizens of ISRAEL in the American government(click here)

Chris Bollyn VS Loose Change (click here)



Anonymous said...

Indeed Mike, the 911 truthers being lead down a long path of BS

Good Work

Regards from France

Anonymous said...

Theorists not theoriest. But great clips.

Anonymous said...

Here is one of the best break downs, written early on, before most of the truth movement even organized. Someone knew.

give it a gander. I read it a long time ago, and it is still very pertinent today. Post it for your readers.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys.. a couple of things:
First of all I think ProThink is doing a great job in general, like so many others.
But it seems that it has become a hobby of some to go out on a witch-hunt to identify as many "disinfo agents" as they can.
If someone missed some evidence in his story, he 'must be a disinfo agent'. If an activist agrees on 99%, then the 1% makes him an agent.. etc.
These witch hunts take up a lot of valuable time and energy, and do our cause NO good at all.
I understand that we all have become very alert because of the actual disinfo that HAS been inserted, but to me it seems that what is happening today borders on paranoia.
Give each other a break, and keep focusing on the things that matter - and you know what these are.
In the end, it is the SUM of all the affords of guys like Prothink AND Jones that makes any difference, not just the one or the other. Leave EGO out of this!
And please don't fall for the "you have to choose sides" subroutine - you can respect both ProThink and Alex Jones for their work and afford, nobody is forcing you to choose between them.
ProThink, I hope this comment will be posted unmodified, because I only respectfully tell what I believe to be true.
Best regards and good luck to all of you - DjSadhu (The Netherlands)

Anonymous said...

Sayanim agents go out of their way to try to slur, or to ruin, truth seekers. It is their job as directed by their Zionist overlords.

Lets stay focused on the work of truth seekers, and lets expose these agents of evil for what they are!

Alex Jones has been deflecting the truth for so long that he definitely comes across as either a sayanim agent, or a supreme disinformation specialist, hired by these same criminals. His famous comments are always..."Its the NWO"! And he will rarely point the finger at the true criminals, the Zionists!

Anonymous said...

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