Saturday, June 28, 2008

ForceMultiplication.Com Is Officially Up And Running


Anonymous said...

I am burnt out on educating people. I have been discussing this issue of getting off the control grid for about 15 years. Now I have more people I maintain 'blood' trust with and can build a self-sustaining community with where I live. Blackwater is NOT going to be moving into the co-op land I bought into. My family gave me healing, farming, and survival skills, it is time I used them. I no longer have hope that the entire community of earth will resist further tyranny. They have failed to do so and deserve to be interned or any other fate they may face. Time to buy fruit trees, learn home canning and dehydration, home school your kids, grow/raise your own food, make compost, teach yourself the local forage foods you have available, dig wells, horde spent cooking grease, etc. Create your own sovereign communities. Independence is now going to be a revolutionary act.

Anonymous said...

While I agree with some of the statements from John here I am really in disagreement with others in my personal understanding of them... However, I would like my opinions to be heard and hopefully understood as I am not against John or this plan in any way in fact I've privately been planning for the security and survival of my family and I'm determined to overcome the obstacles placed before me. It is important to understand that there are some of us (for whatever reason) unable to contribute or take part in this kind of action and I think it is counter-productive, even ignorant to make such statements as calling people "cowards" in this way.

Some of us are unable to afford firearms, housing, transportation or many other things needed to join, create or aid such a community or militia. Some of us also have families or loved ones with which there are ties that cannot be broken, meaning an alternative action would need to be taken. It is contradictory that in one breath you speak of the obstacles the system creates for us and to aim towards overcoming them, yet in another breath call the same men cowards and tell their women to separate from them?

Money is the key up to a certain point of requirement and accumulation at which point joining a militia would be of benefit to them and me. I haven't reached that point. That does not make me a coward or less than a man. However, I plan to educate, train and prepare MYSELF for survival and the protection of my family as an alternative to you're methods and when I accomplish that I will be fully prepared to fight.

PS. I considered that your statements about "cowards" might be some attempt at reverse psychology, but I'm not sure if it's worth looking that closely into consideration.

Thank you for the other interesting and EMPOWERING video on gurilla warfare training.

Unknown said...

I am an electrical / Solar contractor... Id be interested in knowing more about the community, where etc... if I could only find the contact information.. How do i get in touch with you.
you can perhaps contact me here
I enjoy the info shared but find a lack of information impeding me from acting. this may be universal.

Gyrene said...

nierika, I agree with you 100%

Mike & John... Count me in. Just let me know when it's time to pack my bags. I'll be there!

Anonymous said...

So far I've been able to archive as much information as I can. One day years from now, if this world even goes on, I'll have it for when people ask, "how did it come to this?"

I believe that people, besides realizing what is going on, and besides preparing for survival, need to get it right in their souls.

Humans are fragile, unstable, and destructive. Few have the capacity of doing what they need to do, or surviving the onslaught of oppression about to take over. More so than we have seen or can even imagine.

We have to get it right inside, and realize the ones we see on the cover are just puppets and pawns, and in many cases it isn't their fault they are the way they are. Forgive them, yes, tolerate their ignorance, no.

A new world order will arise, many ancient sources say so. Yet a new way of humanity can arise within that, and out of it.

Darkness in a lighted room can not black out everything. But even a small light in great darkness can light the whole room.

Anonymous said...

"It is important to understand that there are some of us (for whatever reason) unable to contribute or take part in this kind of action and I think it is counter-productive, even ignorant to make such statements as calling people "cowards" in this way.?"

I didn't say that a person is a coward if they can't contribute. I said they are coward if they do nothing in their own community/home. Please review the video again and you'll see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I beleive John is labelling those who bitch and moan about Jews and NWO stuff, but are quick to nurse on the tit of tyranny, the very syrup they whine about. He said if you could offer help, that would be nice, but if not "grow a set" and help yourself and more specifically your wives and children. That is what I got from it.

Anonymous said...

that timewaster has got crypto written all over his pisweak video. his attempt to lampoon u misfires and shoots himself in the foot. someone once said any advertising is good advertising. it's not that the zionist conspiracy of which u speak is new by any stretch of the imagination. some ppl may already suspect the greedy cartel of being connected with 911 and be looking for ppl conducting research. enter prothink. u must be doing something right mike

Anonymous said...

Is there any women watching this video forum? I am kind of offended by John's list of items to bring when he included "women" as an item to bring as if women are just accessories, like his video is only addressing to men only. I think it is better for you men to go live in camping style on your own. I am not a feminist or anything. Most intelligence women who have a lot things going for them are not going to run off with some man to live in camping style. Most of us are not raise to live in camping style. I dont have enough information on to support or no support. But one important thing that John and any men who want to use guns needs to keep in mind: -the pen is more powerful than the gun.- If you dont win the informational war, having a gun will be nothing. If you dont win the informational war, then forceMultiplication will fall into the hand of the elite Jews' agenda. If you dont win the informational war, then the militia will be part of the new world order. This is a war of wit and not a war of force. Learn this from the Jews, they have been very skill masters in deceiving Gentiles to fight their bloody war and did they have to use force or guns?
Therefore, I encourage everyone to continue posting on internet or spreading this information by word of mouth. Both the Jews and Gentiles dont know how many people are spreading this information. But I think right now, people are very open to this information, that I know for sure.

Anonymous said...

The JOKE about bringing women is inserted because JewTube captures the exact middle of a video and using the image as the video icon. Thus, when I insert a woman it is used to grab more attention; generate clicks on the video. When the picture is placed, I feel it is best to have a statement about the image. Therefore, I inserted a joke.

The community IS NOT for offensive purposes. The guns and training are for DEFENSIVE purposes only. The pen CAN BE more powerful than the sword/gun but while you can defend yourself with a pen (shoving it in someone's eye socket, for instance), a firearm works better. There are many, many women who will have no defense when the shit hits the fan. Women with children, older women, etc. Our community will be a safe place for them.

Thank you for watching my videos. Stay strong!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Great idea, John..

My only worry is getting this community going, having people who are fed up with the Zionist control of America go there, and then somewhere down the line the Zionist controlled government forces suddenly appear at that community and do a Waco style assault on the community under the LIE that the people there are some kind of "anti-government", "anti-society", and a "criminally dangerous" cult!

Its just a thought... But considering their evil control of government, and the media, its something that cannot be overlooked!

Anonymous said...

Attack can be the best form of defence. Redshields, Rockefeller's etc.

Anonymous said...

I believe attack is the best form of defence. Redshields, Rockefeller's etc.

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