Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blood Libel


Anonymous said...

A sick anti-Christ religion practiced by an inherently evil race of people. There will never be any chance of justice in this case or any just like it, the Jews bought and paid for the court system a long time ago.


Anonymous said...

Just wait until the Jews implode the economy, and seize total control of both the government, and the police forces!

Then these sick monsters will pass laws making their "ritual sacrifices" legal by disguising it carefully under another name...

We already have their pornography, their drug lords, their gambling industry, their sodomy!

They have no use of Gentiles, other than to use us as their slaves, or to have us killed at their leisure. Their Talmudic Laws have them as the superior race and to be masters over us all!

We must take a stand now before their sick anti-christ, devil worshipping ideals cause our destruction.

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily bought and paid for it, but they have certainly infested it completely. Look at the judge with bestiality videos on his website presiding over another jew's beastiality and scatology case where he says he is "fighting for art". These critters are sick as hell. Talking and protests give them the giggles. We must take action, period.

John T. Lynch said...

Of course, Jews have deceived so many about blood libel that few would accept any of the centuries of historical evidence from one side of Europe to another about these heinous acts. No matter how much you present to some they just pull the most ridiculous excuses and rationalizations out their ass to dismiss all of it.

I did this the other day with four acquaintances, two of which were Jews, when presenting evidence of Mossad involvement in 9/11. To their credit, my Jewish friends said nothing during the entire hour, even when I got to the Holocaust. But, when I mentioned the police transmissions on 9/11 the two Gentiles tried dismiss it as if the police really didn't know what happened to them! They were incredulous that the truck bomb incident on King St. was never reported.

truth said...

i am one of those victimes called palesteniens ..a victime of zionist conspirecy ..attention spread the information about all those sick dirty killers and let all know the real truth about who is the real terroist stop them before they control what rest of this world then no freedom at all for any body but them and remember that they are strong and every where so open your eyes and stand u now or its too palestine and free for all

Anonymous said...

Where are America's missing children....what about all the missing children in Europe - all over the planet....

Please read this book also. Although extremely painful to read, it is a must read to get to the bottom of the truth about Jewish blood libel and their ritualistic murders. They are very backwards and very barbaric.

"The History of Jewish Human Sacrifice" by Willie Martin

Where did Willie get most of his references and sources for this book.....straight from the Jewish encyclopedia and public documents here in the U.S and Europe. Chilling to read. Google this book, you can read it for free in some places on the Internet.

If we don't get to the truth and start prosecuting these Jewish (interlopers)- barbarians to the fullest extent these barbarians with no conscience will continue to commit atrocities against us goyim-gentiles. And if you read passages from the Talmud, you can see definitively that Jews consider us as as animals and excrement anyway (convenient huh!)

Some of these children, teens, and young adults are also sold into sex slavery - another dysfunctional institution that Jews-Zionists are involved in. The truth will set us free.
I know, I know, these jerks - interlopers are always going to start screaming "anti-semitic" when we discuss these matters, but so what - who cares... They cannot continue to keep committing these types of heinious crimes with impunity. The time to prosecute them for their crimes is now, not later when it's politically expedient.

Peace out.

Joe Blow said...

I'm Middle-Eastern and we've known about Jews eating humans for a long time, check out some Prothink / World War Three News interviews at

- Joe Blow

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