Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Are You *READY* To Survive?


Anonymous said...

So the meaning of this video is that we have to be prepared for........ Defending ourselves from the military? From the government?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Did you re-edit that vid or John do it? What people are now coming to realize is that these corporate banker zionist bastards have got us right where they want us! losing our liberty, struggling to make ends meet, especially with the devaluation of the dollar and sky rocketing cost of oil, because everything costmore when oil rises!
Just go to work, buy gas and enough food to survive, pay your fucking taxes, and oh yea, don't forget that you can still get a cheap piece of shit tv at wal mart!
yours truly,

Anonymous said...

Something is coming, I think people feel that. i believe we are being pulled into Iran to weaken our military and leave the American continent wide open. Also, to give China and Russia an excuse to attack the USA. Jews in Israel have had close diplomatic ties with China since the 1950's. China supplied some of the "nuclear" material needed to start the Dimona Project/ Facility, Israel inturn sold-out American nuclear secrets to China. Remember, Israel is Chinas 2nd largest arms supplier, Russia is 1st. Israel sells U.S. technology that is given her free of cost, thanks to the American taxpayer. China is only one of the recipients. Our government was bought and sold many years ago. Militias may be one of our saving graces. I recommend training in regular street cloths. Blending into your environment is a great weapon. Wearing fatigues can be a dead give-away, when you need the blessing of surprise. What is coming could be much bigger than we realize. George Soros and Maurice Strong have already set up digs in China. Many jewish billionaires are heavily investing in China, and betting on a tremendous collapse of the U.S. economy, if not a collapse of our country.

Gyrene said...

When can we expect the forcemultiplication site to be online? Should it be coming in the next few weeks? Can't wait to see whats in store.

Whitewraithe said...

John looks like he will be a formidable warrior when the shit comes down and it's coming. We can all only hope that someone like John is around when it does.

JTL said...

"So the meaning of this video is that we have to be prepared for........ Defending ourselves from the military? From the government?"

Hopefully not. I'm hoping for what Bobby Fischer did: a seven days in May scenario.

Anonymous said...

Got on the AWRM site to read up. Noticed a lot of JPFO nuthuggers and Bush/Nazi stuff. I'm no fan of Bush, but the Nazi stuff is about the cheapest smokescreen. Those who can't see through it, well, how will they know what to fight and protect. Looks like infiltration. When stuff really happens, there will be a lot of in-fighting. Just the way zio wants it. Personally, don't know if I would trust AWRM or some of those involved. Could be wrong. Just a thought.

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