Sunday, May 25, 2008

Update On John's (WW3NEWS) Videos And Other Topics

I have spoken with John about his videos and he has taken them down to recreate and repost them back up. He did state he wanted to remove support for Ron Paul in a couple of his videos and also wanted to edit some others with new updated information. They should be up shortly. I can assure that John is doing fine.

Now Frank Weltner of "selling" his site on the other hand has become a strange event. I have received calls from many of his supporters questioning this 'sale' of his website and stating they don't believe he would have sold it in this fashion or at all. I have also received reports that when supporters of that site brought up this issue on the forums that there was censorship but I could not personally confirm any of this information because I have never had contact with Frank nor do I go on his forums.

It is good that people are paying attention to events like this because as most know there have been people who have 'disappeared' (aka kidnapped and/or killed) in this business of telling the story of these people.

The Prothink team however has been working hard on many projects that are very time consuming but will bear many fruits.

Take care everyone and keep spreading the information EVERYWHERE.


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