Monday, March 24, 2008

Jewish Racism

For all those that claim to fight 'racism' but turn a blind eye to the most disgusting racists in the world, this is for you. Lets start some chapters with these phonies and use their outlet to fight JEWISH RACISM. I think a group of people who consider everyone (non-Jew) else to be their "goy" (aka Cattle) could easily be classified as racists and should be fought strongly against by everyone.

The young mindset of a brainwashed Jew. Hey hijacked Christian America, here is your "chosen people", lol. Suckers.

Rabbis In Israel Ridiculing And Harassing Non-Jews:

Yet Another Jew Showing Their True Colors:

And Another Zionist Jew Creating Racial Tension Between Whites And Blacks. This Is A Great Plan On Their Part Because It Gets The Goyim To Fight Each Other Instead Of Focusing On The Real Enemy:

Lets Walk Into A Synagogue And Pull This Crap:

They Consider This To Be Comedy But Its Really Not. This Is Just The Mindset That Is Becoming More Public And Brazen As They Realize The Goyim Aren't Paying Attention.

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