Friday, March 14, 2008

Be Careful What You Say With Your Cellphone Around

This is the reason I have refused to own this 'convenient' device in over 3 years! Also it is LAW that ALL cellphones have to have a GPS tracker on your phone so that these people can track where their cattle is at all times. FCC LAW!

Funny how Zionist-owned CNN and Jewish Friedman 'pretend' to care about the people. This is them whitewashing the topic and pretending to to stick up for the people when its THEIR buddies in the Israeli owned telecommunications companies like Amdocs and Converse and also Chertoff that do all the spying on their goy.

Bitchute Censorship?

I have tried to get this video to play on numerous devices and other videos on bitchute play but not this one. It makes me wonder if we are ...