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Christopher Bollyn Vs. Loose Change

Well lets break down some facts here to see if you can get the bigger picture:


One of his articles had more smoking gun facts than ALL 3 versions of Loose Change.

He only received 2% of the attention of that Loose Change did yet was attacked by Homeland Security and after a kangaroo trial was later kidnapped.

Was putting out excellent facts right after 9/11 that had the case solved as early as 2002.

He was a real investigative journalist that actually did his own research instead of stealing other people's work

Was viciously attacked in a CNN interview:

Now look at how Loose Change was treated, they were giving the Red Carpet treatment!:

Loose Change:

Movies have been seen over 100 million times on Google yet they can still roam around the country, and world for that matter, getting stoned in hotel rooms (not knocking marijuana but this would certainly be a reason to go after them if they were really a danger) and partying with out a care in the world that they produced such a wide ranging and "damaging" movie.

Promoted on Zionist-owned networks all over the world.

Reports from even NYC firefighters that they stole work from, I interviewed one, Paul Isaac who stated this and didn't even give him credit for his research.

Their own quote on Air America: "We don't want to point fingers at Israel for a number of different reasons," I wonder what those reasons could be...
Questioned later by Eric Hufschmid about their views on who was responsible for 9-11, the producers said that the Israeli role was simply one of trying to warn the U.S. about a potential terror attack. While they are well aware of the evidence of Israeli involvement, the producers of Loose Change say it is more important to prosecute members of the Bush administration and worry about other issues later.
Deborah S. Simon received special thanks in the video's credits for providing footage and other help in producing Loose Change. Simon stated that she even handed out copies of the video in front of the White House. Who is Deborah Simon, and why is she helping produce and promote Loose Change?

Deborah Simon (nee Cox) is married into the billionaire Simon family of Indianapolis. The family owns the Simon Property Group, Inc., which boasts as being the largest U.S. real estate company. The Simon family owns, develops, and manages more than 280 shopping malls in the United States and 50 similar properties in Europe and Japan.

The Simon family, strong supporters of Zionist causes, the Clintons, and the Democratic Party, also own the Indiana Pacers basketball team. The campus of the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis is named after Max and Mae Simon, the parents of Melvin, Fred, and Herb.
More on the Simon family:
Melvin Simon, the Brooklyn-born founder of the company, also owned a Hollywood production company and produced more than 20 films.

More notably, Simon has had business partnerships with both Larry Silverstein and the Australian-Israeli billionaire Frank Lowy, the leaseholders of the destroyed World Trade Center. In the late 1980s, Silverstein and Simon developed a mall in Manhattan together, and after 9-11, Simon teamed up with Lowy's Westfield America in an attempt to take over the prestigious retail properties belonging to Taubman Centers, Inc. of Detroit.

Silverstein and Simon both sit on the advisory board of the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute of Baruch College in downtown Manhattan.

And you still think this Alex Jones/Loose Change/Aaron Russo camps are legit huh?
Happy truthing...



Anonymous said...

Great job in pointing out how different the CNN reception was for Bollyn as opposed to the Loose Change boys.

On a different note, some clarification should be made on the Bollyn story. It is unclear whether Bollan was attacked by Homeland Security per se. What is known now (but which was not known at the time of the attack on August 15, 2006) is that he was viciously attacked by three full time police officers of the Hoffman Estates Police Department (HEPD). It is an established fact that there is widespread collaboration on various levels between federal, state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies, including the local police departments of our nation and the immensely financed and powerful Homeland Security. (The ADL also work with a number of these agencies including the local police departments.) There is no known reason to believe that this was not the case with the HEPD at the time Bollyn was attacked. Due to the nature of Bollyn's work and what he had actually reported in the past, and due to the fact that he was actually being monitored by FBI agents it would appear highly likely that the attack on him was influenced (even to the degree of being instigated and directed from behind the scenes) by Homeland Security agents. It is even possible that the 3 police officers who attacked him were "on the take" with Homeland Security and/or even the ADL or JDL, not to mention the FBI.

Contrary to claims/rumors spread in some circles that Bollyn was kidnapped after his attack, there is absolutely no hard evidence for this. If there was it would be presented. The fact that Bollyn does not advertise his whereabouts is quite understandable in view of his circumstances. Due to his continuing and extremely crucial investigative reporting on matters which for far less have been known to put good men 6 feet under, it would be remarkable if he did show himself. Also, Bollyn is not a single man. If something lethal were to happen to him, he would be leaving behind a widow and two small children. Speculation about Bollyn's status when viewed in its proper perspective may be perfectly legitimate, but it should not be stated as fact.

I, myself, continue to communicate with Bollyn on a regular basis and based on my personal knowledge of him (and his family) and the nature, style, and substance of our communications I am absolutely convinced that he is not in harm's way and has never been kidnapped.
(My name and photo can be found on Christopher Bollyn's website:
James B. Phillips

P.S. I will be sending this comment via e-mail to Bollyn so he may be aware of same.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new. When you get close to the "truth" as best as one might know it; poof..your dead or missing. Read Gordon Kahls last known letter, should give you an idea. He ended up dead not too long after, tortured and then covered up. LooseChange always bothered me, I watched it thoroughly 3 times and something seem to be missing. For example, they never eleborated on Larry Silverstein, and all the money trails leading to Israeli companies. Follow the money is a good indicator.

Anonymous said...

Bollyn has not been kidnapped; this is a rumor that has been spread by nutty Hufschmid. Bollyn has been hiding out in Estonia or some other European country having jumped bail as he presumably does not want to risk being given a lengthy jail sentence for essentially being the victim of a terrible assault by Zionist-infiltrated police forces. I don't blame him. Once he is incarcerated in the US penal system, he is at the mercy of the Zionists. Some nasty accident could happen to him once he is placed in jail. And he may have been given the maximum sentence as a warning to others who call out the Zionist Jews.

The protections that Americans once enjoyed have been completely stripped; we are living in a police state. This is to be expected as the elite have passed the point of no return in their collusion with the Israelis in the cover-up of 9/11. Any mass campaign of informing the public about the true originators of 9/11 would be very dangerous to their wellbeing not to mention be a deadly threat to the existing power structure.

Bollyn's assault was a harbinger of the abuses that would be meted out to Americans - now daily occurrences.

The actions of the powers that be, redolent of the behavior of guilty people, confirm for us that we are pursuing the right track in this investigation and that following the trail of evidence will assuredly lead right up to Zionist Jews at the very top of the conspiracy.

Prothink said...

Well until I see and hear from Bollyn I will assume and believe the worst considering the work he was involved in and until than so should everyone else. It doesn't hurt to say he has kidnapped if he hasn't, but if he is kidnapped and we don't say anything than we just let the Zionists checkmate one of our greatest 9/11 researchers.
Summary - Bollyn has been kidnapped. Anybody seen him? I thought not. I certainly wouldn't be running from a misdemeanor charge...

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to you and all your hard, courageous, and excellent work Mike (prothink), I must beg to differ from your statement that it doesn't hurt to say Bollyn was kidnapped even if he wasn't. Bollyn has communicated to his general audience via audio posts and personally to Eric Hufschmid via e-mail and over the phone that it hurts him tremendously to say he is kidnapped. By the spread of this rumor (and by spreading it as a fact or assumption which is even worse) Bollyn has been severely hurt financially. Who would want to send him a donation for his continuing work if he thought it would be gobbled up by the person or persons who have sequestered him? Obviously, no one in their right mind.

If one carefully examines the articles which Bollyn has posted since his disappearance it doesn't make a lot of sense to think that his supposed Zionist kidnappers would let him disseminate such strong and incriminating material.

As for being checkmated by the Zionists, it is obvious that Bollyn is not being checkmated. His continuing posts are a clear indication of that.

You ask if anyone has seen Bollyn. As a matter of fact Bollyn has been seen by people. I, for one, have received post disappearance photos of Bollyn, his wife, and one of his children. His general audience, as I mentioned above, has also heard him and Hufschmid has spoken to him personally on more than one occasion.

It is reasonable to presume that people close to Bollyn who have seen him personally respect his desire for strict privacy. Is there anything so odd about that? It is also reasonable to presume that many people who see Bollyn are completely unaware of his work and thus don't report him as being seen.

Rather than assume like Hufschmid and others that Bollyn is kidnapped or worse, it is actually more productive at this time to assume he is alive. Bollyn desperately needs contributions in order to make a livelihood and provide for his family by doing what he does best. For us to sit back and get the benefit of Chris's hard work without sending him a dime (if we can) is just not right. If his excellent work suddenly comes to a halt or slowly dries up then it would certainly be reasonable to reassess our views regarding Bollyn's status. Until that time, we should give him the favor of the doubt.

Finally, Mike you state that you would not be running from a misdemeanor charge. I do not know if you are married and have children you care for. Bollyn is married and has two small children to care for. Bollyn has been convicted of two misdemeanor charges which could give him a total sentence of one year incarceration. If he were "suicided" -- and the Zionists have done this to people who have done much less than Bollyn has done -- he would leave a widow and two fatherless children. Why can so many of us not seem to respect Bollyn's hard personal decision to do what he believes is necessary to avoid this very real possibility? A man's duty to provide for the welfare of his family in the best way he believes possible is a very serious one.

I simply believe that any self- righteous posturing about what Bollyn should do when we are not in his shoes is unfair, counterproductive and should be avoided.
James B. Phillips

Prothink said...

Like I said before, until I can confirm he is alive and well I will consider him kidnapped. Anybody can write articles under a pen name. They can even do fake voice files, heck I could put out an audio file and sound like Bollyn with the technology I have here. Video or creditable physical viewing of Bollyn would be acceptable. I don't know you personally James so therefore I cant trust your statement until I can verify for myself his well being and where abouts. Consider being in my shoes. I am sure you would do the same.

Anonymous said...

I supported Bollyn before his disappearance. The reason that I would entertain the idea that Bollyn is MIA is because his behavior was 180 degree difference after his disappearance. My key point of suspicion is Linda Shelton. This woman is so obvious a Zionist, she defended the Jews Holocaust Inc. She denied any Zionist involvement in the beating of Bollyn. Why would he supported a Zionist agent? Either Bollyn is a Zionist agent or MIA? I rather think that he is MIA, then being a Zionist agent. Any Truthseekers in this movement by now should know that the Jews Holocaust Inc. holds no water otherwise they would not be locking people up for "Holocaust Denier." It could be that Linda Shelton is a useful idiot and not a zionist agent. But we dont need useful idiot supporting the Jews Holocaust Inc. just like we dont need Zionism Christian fantasy of the Jews are the "chosen people" either.
In general, we dont need 9/11 Israelis did it deniers just as much as the Holohoax deniers in the truth movement. We need more people to flood the internet with Israelis did 9/11 investigators and HoloHoax investigators. The liars will be so overwhelmed with getting more Zionist agents on the payroll to counteract the truth that the Zionist Jews will lose control of keeping track of their employees activities.

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