Tuesday, February 5, 2008

WeAreChangeLA Goes Soft On Simon Wiesenthal Center

But notice how the guy immediately stated that this Zionist organization's biggest threat was people saying it was a "Zionist job". His body language says it all with his arms crossed. The WeAreChange guys did pretty good at the presentation but I would have suggested bringing up the fact that the reason people are saying Zionist job is because of the Odigo warnings, "Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classifed" as Fox news stated, and the fact that we have so many Dual-citizens of Israel in our government. There are tons of other topics that could have been addressed to this guy to really examine some facts that aren't questionable but I certainly give them credit for approaching this huge Zionist organization and addressing them about this HR 1955 issue.

P.S. I don't support the leadership of WeAreChange and I especially don't support their Zionist-omissions specialist controller, Alex Jones of Infowars.com


Anonymous said...

These wearechange are right off the planet. They say that the Simon Wisenthal Center should be a natural ally for the so-called 9/11 truthtellers .... the Simon Wiesenthat Center is a top Zionist organization promoting the cult of the Holocaust and shoving it down people's throats. No wonder these people haven't made a dint of difference in 7 years. Either they're dumb as a bag of rocks or they're hypocritical lying scumbags who are subconsciously protecting their Zionist blood-brothers.

I would keep away from all these liberal groups: wearechange, antiwar.com, moveon, Ry antineocon, Amy Goodman and even to some extent Physicists for 9/11 truth, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth, Pilots for 9/11 truth, Cooperative Research, Jim Hoffman, Loose Change, Phil Jayhan, ... in fact anyone who does not name the Zionist Jews and Mossad involved in 9/11 (information about which is documented everywhere on the internet) ...

These people hinder the search for truth and by design or by accident discourage people from succeeding in uncovering the information and informing others about 9/11 - they hinder these efforts through their pervasive attitude of self-defeativeness, cringing, lying, gatekeeping, negativity and victimhood.

I suspect this attitude prevails because many of the people in the higher echelons of these movements and many of the individuals funding these groups are Jews (see George Soros of Moveon, Justin Raimondo of antiwar, Jim Hoffman of 9/11 Research etc) and even though they may not be Zionists themselves, they probably have a subconscious desire to protect fellow Jews including Zionists, and so will seek to obfuscate the identity of the actual perpetrators of these deeds and guard against the full disclosure of the conspiracy.

Others like Ry of the Anti-neocon group, have a vested interest in keeping the myth of antisemitism prejudice alive and the myth of the Holocaust unexamined as they profit from the industry of racism victimhood (Ry claims he is part-Native American) and so they promote the cause of "liberalism", feeling a brotherhood with Jews. Liberalism of the kind these groups display gives these people a chance to play the eternal victim and to push forward the thinking that you cannot win against the Zionists or whatever the liberals/Alex Joneses of the world euphemistically call them (the NWO, the Globalists ...). They end up marginalizing themselves and making everyone else associated with 9/11 investigation look fringe and kooky.

And still others who are neither liberals or Jews will not name the Zionist conspirators of 9/11 because they are plain cowards, eg. David Ray Griffin.

These groups and individuals (who have dominated the alternative media up until recently) carry too much personal and political baggage (they identify themselves as the perpetual victim, are Jewish in ethnicity ..) which prevents them from earnestly seeking and spreading the truth. And this is the result: the 9/11 "truth movement" has achieved very little in 7 years and now faces the danger of being criminalized - seen to be working outside the boundaries of the law.

In the seven years, honest research could have been carried out and disseminated. And true political activism could have taken place to push forward for investigation of 9/11 and the indictment of the criminals involved and it could have stopped HR1955-type of legislation from ever getting passed.

Anonymous said...

"A view enables terrorists" thats about the same as saying our thoughts make us terrorists, since in a tangent way we are supporting a "view" not appreciated by Simon Wiesenthal goons. This is getting sickening and scary. Get ready folks for some good ole fashion Yagoda police raids.

Anonymous said...

No, we at WeAreChangeLA are not trying to cover or gatekeep for what I call the Zionist Nihilist Supremacists clear operational role in 9-11.

But when we approached the SWC for the 1st time, w were attemtping to call the organization towards its stated mission. And though it is clearly used in many instances as a propaganda arm of the Zionist Extremists, it is not a monolithic structure, as almost any institution, whether it be a country, a government agency, a religion, an organization is not a singular concretized entity, even if they are handled by a criminal cabal. There are individual human beings involved. So next time we go to the SWC, being they have not responded to Gage and being that my knowledge of the matter is more well-grounded now, I will be more direct and forceful and will speak to the Zionist Extremist role.

And clearly there is a block, conscious and/or unconscious, around Jewish people dealing with the Zionist Supremacist angle to all this. This is why i feel the need to articulate not only the difference between Zionism and Judaism, but also Zionism and Zionist Supremacism or Extremism.

I consider myself a Zionist, in that I see the power in the possibility of a Zion/Israel that lives up to its own potential for all the people who desire to be there, and in my perspective, that includes the Palestianian and other semitic arab peoples as part of the Zionist project. This is going to be very difficult to deal with an transform. But, while 9-11 truth is acidic to the US Empire and Israeli apartheid-version state, it is deeply healing for the peoples of both these countries to see clearly what is going on, root out the extremists and heal the wounds of history to create a beautiful peace.

Khanverse said...


We can only heal when the TRUTH of what has occured is unabashedly exposed with no regard to hurt feelings.

Khanverse said...

maybe our zionist brother might listen to this:


Anonymous said...

I agree, all the painful facts must be put on the table no matter who might be offended or attempt to be evasive. The question is partially a matter of skillful means. How do we do this?

Prothink said...

"Shumonik" - I would be very interested in talking with you about how we can come to be on the same page as to who are the criminals and how to seek peace and justice for 9/11. I would ask your assistance in helping us at prothink.org and our readership to better under the difference between simple Zionism and extreme Zionism. Would you be willing to do an interview and discuss that with us?

Prothink - Mike Delaney

Khanverse said...

the BEST and most EFFECTIVE way to get THIS TRUTH out there is that the people who the criminals hide behind, mostly jews, MUST step out and speak OUT against the criminals to show their support for HUMANITY and JUSTICE and not a tribal limiting identity of being "jewish"

There are so many liberal "jews" speaking out for Palestine or Iraq but then when it comes to Israel being an apartheid, criminal, sanctuary state and the Zionist Occupied Governments of western nations they are completely silent and stifle investigation and activism on that front.

The people who've told THIS TRUTH and been the MOST effective are jewish like Myron Fagan and Benjamin Freedman, who were ex-zionists/insiders who were passionately against the criminal network.

Because average jews almost completely ignore issues that affect the "tribe", if you will, you have idiots blaming all jews as being complicit, which, if they're aware and are deliberately silent or obfuscating, starts to justify that stance.

I hope you will reach out to Prothink (Mike) by willingly speaking out against the criminals on behalf of TRUTH, no matter where it leads.

It'll be a start and is needed if we are to overcome the gatekeepers.

Peace & Blessings


Anonymous said...

I Jeremy aka Shumonik am willing to have a dialogue about this. I think it is in the places of silence, willful silence, that misunderstanding, resentment and ultimately, annihilation gets a foothold.

I will not speak on behalf of WeAreChangeLA, just on behalf of myself as an individual.

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