Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Warning To Zionists And Jews Everywhere: Beware Of Zionist Blowback

If Israel were to proceed with its attack upon Iran, it would not only signal the end of the 'state' of Zionist Israel, it would also be the end of toleration of Jewry everywhere on this planet. Anti-semetic labels have long since died in value and worth, and continue to grow less and less credible. Sort of like the broken record that has been spun one too many times, so that the song can be no longer be played. True Jews, it seems, have not learned anything from their history. Zionists ARE NOT true Jews, they're merely assimilated into Jewish culture. It has been fully researched, well documented and a established fact by BOTH (Sephradic) Jews and (Ashkhenazi) Zionist members. The Zionists aren't even genetically related to true Jews, whom include the ancient Hebrews. These same Hebrews include the Palestinians. This has been proven with the use of extensive DNA research. One would have to wonder what mad dictate is the state of Israel following to even consider the folly of ANY further attacks upon ANY others in the region it now calls home. One has to consider who and why such a scheme was concocted, a very diabolical one at that. When one clearly looks to history, the history that has NOT been edited and has NOT been disproven, then one can clearly see the patterns of the Ashkhenazi's, which replay themselves over and over again, much as that broken record referred to in this article. The Zionists have deceptively hidden for too long behind the cover of supposed Jewry. They have sacrificed COUNTLESS [Sepharadic] Jews for over millenia, in order that they may preserve THEMSELVES. They have further killed countless "Goy" as well. The times are changing. There has been a global paradigm shift in the world's consciousness. The "GOY" world, as well as those few faithful Jews, have seen enough of the Zionist agenda of continious genocide, murder, war and ruin. Enough of the elitism and comfort granted those that came from a hidden identity, disguised as some part of that OF WHICH IT IS NOT and never has been. Enough of the thefts and corruptions that have been part and parcel of the Zionist agenda. Enough of the spying, blackmails, extortions, tortures, threats, secrecy and the never ending BULLYING. The world will NOT stand idly by and watch these things happen. Not this time around, and not with nuclear powered war heads. SHAME on those Jews and Zionists who hold their tongues silent and who look the other way! To support and pursue such a goal is madness. No one should be willing to follow mad men or support them, in spite of the best efforts of those who are well positioned to sway persons to the contrary. You cannot stop the truth from coming out. It gushes like water from beneath the desert and flows from rocks that are split apart by words. It is the eternal spring from which the soul comes into being and YOU shall never ever kill it. Your day of reckoning is at hand and God shall not deal mercifully with you, for you showed no mercy to anyone, not even to those whom you smiled upon and called brother while you sank daggers in their backs. If you pursue this course you shall see the immediate and final death of your own ideology. It will not be a pretty picture. When the smoke finally clears, only ashes of your legacy will remain, and they will be on the dung hills of the beetle. Hasten quickly to your own demise for you are both spiritually and morally bankrupt. You have gone intellectually mad and the traits of your ideology are in a world that has neither want nor need of any longer. It is time for those who ARE true Jews to thrust out the imposter in your midst. It is time to shine your bright lanterns upon those who are known as Zionists, as Conversios, and any other name that they have vigoriously and diligently tried to erase from historical account. Shine on them and show the world that these are NOT what true Jews are made of. Rid yourself once and for all of this cancer that has eaten at the very heart of your existence and of the world's existence. Rid yourself of these, the children of CAIN!

*For the record DONT bother labeling me an anti-semite, I am well aware of whom is who in MY family tree.

Thank you MARY for this article - Prothink

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