Friday, February 15, 2008

RAT POISON: You have 2 options when it comes to shills in the movement

If you know or have a gut feeling that someone is a shill in the movement you have 2 options. I have been trying to get this message across to people now for awhile but apparently like most everything else its very slow moving in a fast paced time of criminality. If you think someone is a shill, the first option you have is to confront them about the evidence. For instance, and not to beat a dead horse but I will here, Alex Jones states in terrorstorm that "LBJ made a back room deal with Israel" regarding the USS Liberty attack. Now I certainly know this to be a fraud and have interviewed a survivor and his direct story confirms this.

My first option would be to contact Alex in any manner I can and confront him on this issue. I have tried calling his show many, many times and never seem to get through to question him on this and on MANY other issues I know he is deceiving people. This brings me to the next option since he has refused to answer my emails and calls.

Second option: STOP SUPPORTING THEM! and on top of it let others know that they are blatantly deceiving people which leaves the door open for others to investigate the investigators. Are we here seeking and speaking truth to make friends and get our egos stroked? Do we give a shit about the victims of crimes like 9/11 and the USS Liberty event? Than let their story shine through with real truth no matter who tells it and make sure others that are telling the story are telling it correctly. We have 3 basic poisons in this 'truth movement' that need to be eradicated.

1. shills

First off the shills are working for the damn enemy so why would you make excuses and still support them? STOP. Stop passing out their DVDs, books, fliers etc. Stop promoting them on your top friends list and sending links on their sites to people. THEY ARE NOT YOUR HEROES! If you know someone is lying about something, call them out, don't support them!

2. useful idiots (excuse)

If someone makes excuses about a 'truth leader' by saying things like; "they probably have not seen that evidence" or anything along those lines than they need to also be confronted about the evidence and pushed aside as a 'leader'. Example - Loose Change..... meet Chris Bollyn, lol. Why would you support a supposed 'leader' who knows less than you?? It doesn't make any sense. Why aren't you the one publishing books and making movies instead of them? Usually the useful idiot excuse turns out to be that they were just set up to be a shill in the first place. Acknowledge reality people....


We should no longer tolerate cowards of truth! If you are too cowardly to talk about facts and all the facts than get out the way. This goes for a lot of you, but NOT ALL. The people we are trying to seek justice for aren't cowards so why the hell would you act like one when all you have to do is tell their story correctly? This is almost as poisonous as a shill because you are basically going to tote the artificial 'safe' line which isn't safe at all, its a deception. I mean this in particular with 9/11 being a Zionist job (in general) and people too cowardly to hit the streets and call the truth as it is and just blame the safe "Bush did it all" line. The people saying "don't say this or that" are either working for the other team or are cowards. Stay away from them, they are the poison to TRUTH! Are you wasting your time looking for half truths or do you really want to affect change with all the time you spend on this stuff? Get out there and tell the whole truth people and please rid the poison with in the truth movement. This is the exact reason I have an open door policy to anything I say and am welcome to you confronting/questioning/debating me about it and if I am wrong I will correct that because I want to be speaking truth and not deceptions myself.

When you want to kill a rat with poison you don't just give it the poison, you give it like 90% good food and 10% poison (something along those lines). The result is you still kill the rat. I don't consider the 9/11 truth movement to be referenced as a rat but yet us it to get the point across of how you can kill the movement the same way you kill a rat. Inject a small amount a poison in a lot of truth and you succeed in killing it. THIS IS WHY YOU HAVE 2 OPTIONS WHEN IT COMES TO SHILLS IN THE TRUTH MOVEMENT. If you want your country back and genocide to stop in your name, justice for these enormous crimes, and peace in the future, these are the hard steps you MUST take.



Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised Truthers have got a bad reputation. When people imply that Marvin Bush was one of the main perps because he was employed at the WTC, that's going to earn Truthers a bad reputation. And the whole premise is just plain wrong. How can anyone rational believe that government employees were involved on such a mass scale in 9/11 and yet not one of them has leaked by now. (Same with the Apollo moon landings.) Rightly, truthers are seen as nutty.

I blame a lot of this on Myron Fagan.

He says a lot of truth but he is so slanted that it all acquires a wrong angle. This is the problem when truthtellers have a separate agenda to the main one. It's the same with Benjamin Freedman. Both these men were insiders and had plenty of important information to reveal but they were also biased in other ways - both were extreme anicommunist - and this blinded them to other realities. This in general is what I find wrong with the anti-Zionist movement, particularly in America. Anti-communism fear seems to be married to the movement, almost to the point where some of the people within it are McCarthyites, and are blind to the many evils wrought by Zionists through their use of capitalism. I'm not advocating capitalism or socialism but I think that anti-Zionists shouldn't adopt an extreme pro or con prejudice for one system or another but instead be aware of the weaknesses in both and also acknowledge that Zionists have exploited both systems at one time or another.

In other words, I don't want anti-Zionism to be a pro-free market, anti-socialism, anti-communism movement by default as by doing this it cuts out a whole swathe of people around the world that might be sympathetic to the movement. I don't want the McCarthy era back again.

Neither do I want a socialized system of government where everything is to be had for free. I don't want any discussion of any system shut out arbitrarily because of political correctness within the anti-Zionist movement where you're accused of being a Jewish Zionist simply because you recognize that not all economic systems are perfect.

And reverting back to the Ron Paul campaign, I now see that much of Alex Jones' anti-NWO, anti-globalist stuff comes from Myron Fagan, almost word-for-word. There is the same focus on the Illuminati, Rockefellers and the CFR. There is the fear of the One World Government. But funnily enough all mention of the Zionists behind these conspiracies has been removed (despite it being well-documented eg. the Jewish takeover of the Jesuits and the Masons and the Young Turks) in Alex Jones' writing.

And the brainwashing is really deep. Some of the people do not realize how far off the rails they appear to be. Look at this Ron Paul site where the supporters are talking about bringing a class-action suit against David Rockefeller.

And the ironic thing is that these people (who often follow Ron Paul AND Alex Jones) think everyone else is SHEEP. It doesn't occur to them that THEY might be sheep as well.

The best thing to protect oneself is not to take everything at face value; just because a truthteller is telling the truth 95% of the time, he can still be wrong 5% of the time. I think it's wrong to say that someone has got to be right about z because he was right about a,b,c and d. This is giving your power over to someone else, putting someone on a pedestal and not thinking for yourself. I am not suggesting that we investigate all truthtellers and conclude they must be crypto-Zionists or working for the Zionists if we catch them out on one error like Hufschmid proposes, but just not slavishly believe everything someone says even if he/she seems to be a much better source of info than others.

I applaud Prothink's open-door policy for this reason; not many in the anti-Zionism movement show the same open-mindedness.

Anonymous said...

how do you feel about the French Connection people? I've been reading at their site for months now? Also, how do you feel about Ron Paul? Smith doesn't like him but he seems to know the truth about what's going on, he just can't say it. People already think he's crazy. He wants to bring all our troops home, get rid of the FEDS and abolish taxes,etc. You seem to be legit, please give me your honest feedback. If not Ron Paul, then who do you suggest?

Anonymous said...

Again, how is Ron Paul bad? I know he co-wrote a book w/ someone, but that's it. The MSM has blacked him out! If he was working with the Zionists then wouldn't they be giving him a push? By them ignoring him and not letting him get his message out they literally have cost him the election. When people hear his message for the first time, they're shocked that they didn't know he was an option, hence the MSM not even giving him a voice. They're giving much push to Hillary, Obama, McCain and even Huckabee. I know the Zionists own the media, so if Ron Paul is one of them...why isn't he getting "any" coverage. There's proof of voter fraud now in many states that Paul was predicted to doing well. The GOP has even changed the rules at the last minute! Unpresidented. In NY he wasn't even on the ballot ?Gulliani was even though he has already dropped out! Please help me to understand!!!

Prothink said...

TO: "Collapse comments

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised Truthers have got a bad reputation."

You comment is so far off based from what my research has come to show that I am to assume that since you are writing under Anonymous, you are trying your best to spin truth and facts to steer people away. And another thing, DONT STROKE MY EGO by saying "I applaud Prothink's open-door policy for this reason" because I only do that so people can expose the deceptions like the ones you are putting out. I wont waste my time responding to it because I simply don't have the time to do so and I am sure someone else with some knowledge will call you out on some easy points.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what you're referring to when you say you disagree with me but I still think truthers do have a bad reputation; I am talking about the ones who say "9/11 is an inside job". Even some Ron Paul supporters say they don't want people to bring Truther signs to the planned march on Washington. Bill Maher makes fun of them telling them they need to be on psych medication. I believe 9/11 was an outside and an inside job. It was done by Mossad and Zionists in America assisted them.

Anonymous said...

Good points!

Anonymous said...

Get off the Ron Paul bandwagon, people... The criminals are laughing so hard at you "Ron Paul" fools right now, and you cannot even see it!

Ron Paul is/was a diversion, and many people fell for it. The zionists have you people so suckered in, it isnt even funny any more.

Yes, truth seekers are getting a bad rap. It doesnt help that useful idiots are going around and diluting the fight with their "Ron Paul will save us all" BS. Keep the focus on the fight against these criminals, and stop looking for a savior, especially one that was handpicked by the criminals themselves!

PT Barnum says it best "There is a sucker born every minute".....

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