Sunday, February 10, 2008

Prothink And Khanverse Discuss WeAreChange

We have finally come public about the incident between the leadership of WeAreChange NYC and
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the audio. Two things: the information that 7 or more hijackers is incorrect. I used to believe that up until recently because a few sites promoted that theory. I researched this myself and found that the "9/11 Myths" site:
corrects that and provides good sources to show that this is not true. Beware: "911 Myths" is a Zionist site that tries to show 9/11 was not a conspiracy; however some of the research it carries is sound. And the fact that many conspiracy sites contain sloppy research and blames the wrong party for being the masterminds behind 9/11 doesn't help the situation either and makes 9/11 Myths look actually good.

Despite the fact that the named people are dead (they haven't been heard of since 9/11 and I think even long before 9/11), I still think these people were patsies, and not the actual hijackers of the 9/11 planes unlike what 9/11 Myths claims.

A second point is that I tried to look at Khanverse's Blogspot website but it took forever to load, probably because of all the videos on it. I had to give up. It might be just my computer, I don't know. I really want to read some articles I spotted on it - could Khanverse look into it?

Thanks again for the great audio. Some really good points were made especially for the need for us all to do our own independent research and not depend on the one or two sources for all our information (as I have said even some anti-conspiracy 9/11 sites have proven useful). Another good point was that the Ron Paul phenomenon shows that people are looking for a savior and that kind of "Lead me" attitude only ends up in disappointment and failure. I noticed the same people who saw Alex Jones as the guru of the 9/11 truth movement jumped on the Ron-Paul-can-do-no-wrong bandwagon.

And lastly we need to be aware of the gatekeeping that is always going on in the truth movement. Doing one's own research and being armed with a set of unassailable facts helps to overcome the efforts of the gatekeepers to marginalize one. One cannot simply argue against the truth. It is a constant process of revision as I have found - see the example of the "hijackers are alive" myth, something I once believed to be true.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but alot of the so called Hijackers were alive after the 9-11 murders. This is fact...

Ron Paul did exactly as predicted... Turned out to be a dud.... His purpose was to deflect the 9-11 truth movement for a while, while the arch criminals plotted their next big false flag on the American public.

It is coming... With Iran about to open their Oil Bourse next week, the Israelis, with their American puppets are well on their way to starting another major war of conquest in the Middle East. Be wary when it starts, and spread the word of it being a Zio-plot, and nothing else!

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Great show once again, guys! I wanted to let you know, the file took a long time to download, I was only getting around 15kb/sec. Just an FYI. Another thing is I came across this news item today Looks like they are gearing up for the next false-flag. My hunch is they are going to blame this one on "home-grown terrorists" and try to shut the anti-Zionist movement down.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the comment.

I remain unconvinced by the myths site, they have similar "elaborate" breakdowns of other so-called "myths" as well, no reason to believe this one from what I see any more than their "debunking" of other "myths."

We all know they had a pre-planned story for the TV which is why people were talkin about bin-laden and hijackers before they demolished the smokin towers.

Thanks for the point about my site. I changed it to where it will only keep the last 12 posts on the front page.. Keep in mind though, you can always google key words for any specific entry you want to read.

And if you enjoyed the audio and found it useful, please spread it among your networks.


Anonymous said...

Nope, the alleged Muslim hijackers are all dead (they haven't been seen or heard from 9/11). If you read the site including the news reports they link to (western and Arabic) you will see that the theory that the alleged hijackers are still alive came about simply because of mistaken identity.

You will see the photos of some of the alleged still alive 'hijackers' and see that they do not match the photos put out by the FBI.

And you will read interviews of family members who report that they have not seen or heard from these hijacker-patsies since 9/11 and in many cases long before 9/11.

This myth came about because of sloppy research by people like the Loose Change creators, Killtown and Hoffman of 9/11 Research among others who only looked at the initial false alarm reports that the "hijackers" were alive and did not bother to follow-up the reports on this, all of which show that the family members think the alleged hijackers are dead and that the confusion came about because of similar names, date of births and such.

It's very clear that 911 Myths is correct on this score though I dispute the contention that these suspects are hijackers of the 9/11 planes at all; these are unfortunate Arabs who were targeted by Mossad to be the patsies and whose identities were stolen and lives taken to create the myth of Arab hijackers taking over planes on 9/11.

Not investigating the primary sources oneself and depending on the very superficial research of others especially gatekeeper-researchers (who are also sloppy in other ways in doing their due diligence such as omitting mention of Mossad's presence) gives the whole 9/11 truth movement (whatever THAT is) a bad reputation and harms its credibility.

And that is what's happened. "Alive hijackers" will go the way of "no planes" both theories that Loose Change promotes.

When I hear people insist the 'hijackers' are alive despite being pointed to primary sources (news reports, relatives' accounts ..), I can tell the individual does not rely on his or her own research but depends on the research of others such as Loose Change, Alex Jones, 9/11 Research -- even some more reputable researchers, and I think that's a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Lemonade: good stuff, will do my own investigation/fact checking on the 7-hijackers, when we're wrong we're wrong and it should be admitted. But at the same time, I need to verify that for myself.

A lie told often enough will eventually be accepted as truth, and the twoof movement is guilty too, so good for you for admitting when you/we are wrong.

To Khanverse: de-centralize is right...we can come together for a common cause, and echoing other's goofy slogan's, catch phrases--that hero worship nonsense is just that. It's nonsense. Screaming at everyone does no good, a dialogue is better served to be certain as Prothink does. It's much more effective than yelling "your NEW WORLD ORDER SCUM!".

To Prothink: I agree, we can only speculate why Luke did what he did, but he sure makes WeAreChange look bad, classic gatekeeping.

What good is a murder trial if you can't present the fingerprint?

What good is a book if you tear out the plot?

What good does it do if you get a snake bite, but leave in the venom?

And what good is it to only tell 95% of the truth?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that no one has ever mentioned one of the greatest frauds by the media. That was the coverage of the Palestinians cheering at the news of 9/11. Live footage of Palestinian men and boys chanting a clapping, saying all the same "death to america" stuff. But...this so called live footage showed at 3:00pm MST, showed the groups in broad daylight. I remember being angry seeing their glee, and then about twenty minutes later I thought, "wait a minute, it is 3pm here, shouldn't it be dark over in palestine, yet they were showing "live" footage of broad daylight celebration. That is when I knew something wasn't right. I asked people if they had noticed the descrepency and they looked at me like I was crazy. It could have been a network mistake, however it said "live" footage.

Anonymous said...

To the guy above my post: I actually had a video up about that incident on my page. It was fake. Zionist media planted it into American minds.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read about this before apparently in 1980 the Iranian embassey was beseiged by a terrorist group with an Iraqi intelligence handler and the SAS went in and shot all of them giving no quarter even when they surrendered....cover up maybe?

Anonymous said...

And Ron Paul is planning a march on Washington DC. What will probably happen is he'll give the same "gold commercial" speech (phrase borrowed from Christopher Jon Bjerknes) and talk about the constitution and 'freedom' and 'honest money' that he always does. It will be given two minutes of attention in the mainstream media and then that will be it. His ego will be satisfied and that's all he was after. He knows he won't get the Republican nomination and that is his flipoff to the Republican Party.

Imagine if Ron Paul hadn't been such a petty corrupt coward and had used the march on Washington D.C. to give a speech which said that Zionists masterminded the September 11 attacks and that the Mossad were planning to do another false flag attack on American targets, this one involving nuclear or radiological weapons, for the purpose of starting a war with Iran ....

You can imagine the uproar. American politics would never be the same again. The media would have to report this; and the 9/11 false flags terrorist attacks will be given renewed attention as never before. People could no longer ignore it.

Such actions would do much more toward turning the nation around and setting it on a different course, i.e. it would be much more 'revolutionary' than Ron Paul giving any of his boring speeches about the gold standard or "they're here because we were over there" arguments.


I don't mean to pick on Ron Paul because he is less corrupt than the other Republicans in the field but I fail to see why so many people are enamored of him ... actually I do ... it's the same mindset that seeks some savior, some public figure they can attach to.

However, even though Ron Paul isn't responsible for people behaving like sheep, I resent his attempts to exploit this mindset and set himself up as someone that he is patently not (a hero, a patriot, a truthteller).

Either he should emphasize the need for an re-investigation into 9/11 and say his followers can think what they like about 9/11 or shut up about it altogether. It's hurtful for him to ask his supporters not to talk about 9/11 - not all of us of the 'nutty' Troofer variety accusing every government officer/office of being involved in the 9/11 conspiracy.

Unfortunately, over the seven years, the truther movement has been dominated by the likes of Alex Jones, Loose Change, and Steven Jones and now the movement is associated with kookiness, cultishness, fanaticism, gross inaccuracies and the like. People like wearechange do not help. Now everytime someone brings up "truther", somebody else will mention "looniness".

It's up to us to reverse that as well as shed this attitude of "learned helplessness" that the 'gurus' of the truth movement and many from the liberal side of the movement are guilty of showing and passing onto others.

We CAN succeed; we are not facing an implacably strong foe; we are not doomed to failure and forever staying in the margins, resorting to throwing fake blood or chanting inanities in marches or disrupting speeches or meetings with repetitive 'CFR' or 'skullbones' conspiracy mutterings.

Anonymous said...

There is some truth to the CFR. If you look at their Board of Directors, 47% are zionist jews (verified). I can give you names and bios if you like. That leaves another 20% that are either zionist supporters or cryptozionists. But see that is the point all these "truth seekers" seem to miss. They cry "foul" at the orgainization, but fail to mention those who manipulate and lead such organizations. That is the problem that I have had with "truth" organizations, they never seem to associate names (people) with organizations. Only decry the "entity".

Anonymous said...

yes, please do give us names, links, and bios.

much appreciated in advance.

Anonymous said...

Robert A. Scalapino (Director Emeritus)

Leslie H. Gelb (President Emeritus)

Maurice R. Greenberg (Honorary Vice Chairman)

Joan E. Spero
President, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

David M. Rubenstein
Co-Founder and Managing Director, The Carlyle Group

Alberto Ibarg├╝en
President & Chief Executive Officer, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Henry R. Kravis
Founding Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

Jami Miscik
Managing Director, Global Head of Sovereign Risk, Lehman Brothers

Michael H. Moskow
Senior Fellow for the Global Economy, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Maurice R. Greenberg
Chairman & CEO, C.V. Starr & Co., Inc.

Stephen Friedman
Chairman, Stone Point Capital

Martin S. Feldstein
President, National Bureau of Economic Research

Kenneth M. Duberstein
Chairman and CEO, The Duberstein Group, Inc.

Madeleine K. Albright
Principal, The Albright Group LLC

Charlene Barshefsky
Senior International Partner, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP

Henry S. Bienen
President, Northwestern University

Robert E. Rubin
Co-Chairman; Director and Chairman of the Executive Committee, Citigroup, Inc.

Richard E. Salomon
Vice Chairman; Chairman, Mecox Ventures, Inc.

Richard N. Haass
President, Council on Foreign Relations

Peter Ackerman
Managing Director, Rockport Capital, Inc.

Anonymous said...

Now that those names are given, I encourage any of you to do some personal research via the web, library or any other source. I think you would be surprised who these movers and shakers are. I don't feel like going in-depth about each person and I believe Prothink would encourage it's readership to study for themselves and not take anyones word, until verified and researched. A lot of the info can be had from the CFR site itself, Wikipedia(Zionist), and Forbes(Zionist). They aren't hiding a thing. But they understand most people won't research, or better yet, don't care. Bread and Circuses my friends, Bread and Circuses.

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