Thursday, February 21, 2008

Khanverse - Watching The Watchers

Khanverse, who has been an excellent contributor to, has been catching a LOT of influencial and questionable groups looking at his new site:



Anonymous said...

I am not a tech. geek, but I do know how to use a proxy server. Why would'nt they?

Or am I wrong on being able to trace your isp?

Anonymous said...

This just keeps getting more interesting. This is better than any drama I've ever watched.

Anonymous said...

They are just making sure you are a good serf in usa

Anonymous said...

LoL I see they're still using XP (no Vista).

They know we're just trying to stay free and that we're reasonable people.
Most of them are learned in the ways of deception and know there own acts of terror (for what they believe is a greater good).

So if some of them really do want to change this world for the better, what should they do? What would you (regular poster) do?


It is true that most people are dumb slaves, but there are also many like the Iraqi resistance who are willing to rather fight for there freedom then go silently. Focus on the good people instead of the bad.

You don't have to be a hero, just direct you wealth and efforts into more just places, even though they might yield less profit.

In this modern world it is nearly impossible to do something without it being 100% "good". Your salary must go to a bank, everything has ridiculous taxes, food is largely crap as well. Some get the feeling that they should just give up and go with the flow.
Well I say, maybe you cannot stop all oppression, but it is possible to stop (for a large degree) to be a part of this. Someone else will probably take your place, but at least the blood is not on your hands.

Anonymous said...

The masters running us slaves here in the U.S. are getting nervous. I've always had a theory that they (Masters: Jews-Zionists-Illuminati) running the Federal Reserve, AIPAC, their little Satanic war party, et al would never have released the Internet without a back door - to spy on and watch everything we do. Even with all this anti-spyware crap on my home computer, I get anywhere from 50-200 hits in a two hour window from goons trying to spy on my Internet activities. I believe it's you know who (the Masters above).

Having said all of this, I think they're a little nervous. Why else would they introduce into the House and Congress those little #'s 1955 and 1959 respectively to quell all criticism of Jews and Zionists. Here's hoping the Senate 1959 never comes to fruition, as I believe that the Internet may very well be one of our last vesitiges and bastions of free speech.

The Jew CIA goons, Jew FBI goons and all the Jews infiltrated into every agency of our government are definitely watching us. But, I have to also believe that Khanverse and Mike-Prothink are correct that there are some of the people (non-Jews) with these various and sundry government agencies charged with spying on us are learning just how insidious, evil, and nefarious the actions of the Jews-Zionists really is, how bad the infiltration is, and will come over to our side if and when the times arrives.

Uncharted Thoughts said...

The internet is heavily monitored, and certain topics will get you targeted by the various agencies of oppression.

Exposing suppressed medical technology which threatens pharmaceutical profits will get the FDA after you. They usually warn you first, then if you keep it up, you'll have an unfortunate fall down the stairs.

Exposing Zionism seems to really get a response. I think we all know what happens when you expose Zionism and draw attention.

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