Saturday, February 9, 2008


Notice how Zionist Jon Stewart kids around with one of the most diabolical criminals of our time. This guy was in charge of the Mossad during 9/11. Yes, the same Mossad that was caught all over the trade towers, some with bombs in their front company Urban Moving Systems trucks. Jon Stewart is kind of like Feingold, pretending to be the good Jewish American who opposes injustice but will only criticize the installed puppets and not the puppet masters. Do you see the deception? Note to FBI: ARREST BOTH THESE CRIMINAL NOW!


Anonymous said...

I urge everyone to post your intelligent comments directly on Jon Stewart's at

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Mike... But it appears that they have conveniently removed this video at the moment..

Every time that I have attempted to run this video, I have been getting blocking messages, and requests to link elsewhere...

The criminal network at work... Stopping the flow of information, and truth from reaching the public!

Anonymous said...

Read about Mossad from this link:

Ostrovsky, ex-Mossad agent, talks about sayanim, katsas, katya.


Ben-Menashe talks about Israeli Mossad cyber-espionage.

Much information about Mossad false flags.

Also read books written by these ex-Mossad spies.

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