Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Benjamin Freedman Warns America


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rxt78 said...

And thanks for running this speech by Benjamin Freedman. Whew. He knew the score. Although the diabolical plans for WWIII were slightly postponed (thank God for that) for several decades, WWIII is now visible on the horizon.

Yo, Americans who are non Jews, please stop being gullible Goyims and fighting in all their wars that they instigate. Adamantly put your foot down and do not, under any circumstance fight in any of their wars. Let's stop the Jews little war party.

If there's going to be a war or revolution, it will be for us to take back our country here in the U.S. from Jews-Zionists. And, we will not turn against our country. We will be united in solidarity to preserve our nation here in the U.S. and throw out these despicable trouble makers hell bent on world devastation through perpetual wars.

Here's an idea: Let's send all the warmongering Jews-Zionists into outerspace in a hyperbolic trajectory.

Peace out.

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