Friday, February 1, 2008

Tribute Video To Alex Jones..... LOL (Rehash)

As far as Alex Jones, I would advise reading this long article from Eric Hufschmid:

William Cooper's take on Alex:


Anonymous said...

LOL! that's funny shit.

Anonymous said...

you should redo the video and have him morph into fat bastard from the austin powers movie at the end lol.

great job though :)

-Rob B

jerry said...

Would someone please enlighten me here. Why are you so dead set against Alex Jones? He seems to be a pretty decent guy to me. He has his quirks, but don't we all? I can tell when he's full of beans and when he has something that I want to hear...what's wrong with that?

I watched the video about Wm Cooper and I wasn't impressed too much with what he had to say. A flying saucer the size of an aircraft carrier coming out of the ocean and doing a flip and then heading off somewhere; then returning and doing the same flip before disappearing back into the depths? C'mon, will ya? That's closer to comedy than anything else.

Then he said that the driver of the car, David Greer, shot Kennedy. That may be true...the video he showed as "proof" was useless to me; I couldn't see was just a blur. But how did Connoly get shot? What about the bullet hole(s) reportedly found in the windshield?

Cooper completely missed the part where the Secret Service agents who were supposed to be riding on the back bumper were told earlier to get away from the car by the Secret Service agent in charge of Kennedy's security...nor did Cooper point out that all the motorcycle cops who were supposed to be flanking Kennedy's car were sent to the back of the parade.

Look at any Kennedy assassination video and you will not see any motorcycle cops anywhere near his car when he was shot ... nor will you see a secret service agent other than the one who jumped onto the car AFTER he had been shot; he was supposed to have already been there!

Cooper didn't know everything ... I would surmise, from what little I know of him, that he made enemies somewhere along the way and they're the ones who took him out. I doubt like heck that Alex Jones is capable of murder.

As an aside, how old is "brayman"? 16?

Prothink said...

Brayman might be young but I am 32 and have been researching for quite a few years. You can try to defend Alex all you want but when he spins shit like "Arabs own Hollywood" and admits he doesn't talk about Zionism on video, I have a problem. I would've been much further in my research if I hadn't ran into him.. I don't promote that Cooper 'knew' everything but I certainly give him more creditability over Alex and on that note as far as UFOs go, I don't bring them up at all myself but I was personally living in Phoenix in March 97 and I saw with my own eyes, the "Phoenix Lights". I can only assume that is was a UFO for its size and quietness but since that day I don't really bring up the UFO topic because I don't see a point. What good is it going to do? Are we going fight UFOs? LOL, No. We can't even get good humans to fight evil humans, why try for something that big? You can search "Phoenix Lights" on Youtube and see what I am talking about. I don't buy into most UFO stories and probably would've written off the Phoenix event too but I was there and standing under this mammoth thing flying above my house. So my point being is that Alex and MOST of the 'truth/patriot movement is compromised by crypto-zionists. Thats why we still don't see justice out here for anything.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?? Someone actually thinks Alex Jones is a "pretty decent guy"? What is that guy smoking?

Alex Jones is for one purpose only, and that is damage control by the zionist masters. He spins everything into the "New World Order" did it logic! The guy is a shill, and a blowhard.

We know the truth about Mr. Jones. He will always defend his masters, and their dreamland called Israel. We here know the truth, and will never stoop to such idiocy.

Anonymous said...

To tenthman:

I'm 18. Don't underestimate me or my ability just because of my age. I'm more "awake" than most people in this "truth" movement.

Prothink said...

You tell em Brayman! Thats why you have a great site and I assume he doesn't. I agree you are far more knowledgeable about these topics than a lot of others around. It all depends how much time you spend researching this, not your age.

jerry said...

Listen you guys...I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade...I'm trying to get to the bottom of things too.

There is no way that anyone can say that they know it all, or that their path is the only way to knowledge. I pick up pieces to the puzzle in a lot of different places ... Alex Jones is just one of those places. is another favorite stop, even tho some of his stuff, in my opinion, is pure malarkey; some of it isn't, and those are the nuggets I'm looking for.

It's just too complicated for any one person to claim to know it all. Do we have a zionist problem? Absolutely! Is it endangering the welfare of our country? Without doubt! But how do we respond to the threat?

Personally, I believe that the only hope we, as a free Republic, have is to REQUIRE our politicians to honor their oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution. If they don't, then we have to get them out of office. It is my belief that the Constitution was designed by a "higher power" that understood the propensity for some human beings to try to dominate and enslave other human beings. The Constitution was designed to protect all of us from aggressive people like that.

We need to get back to our roots and re-discover the value and wisdom found in the's not perfect, but it's the best thing that has ever happened to mankind, in my opinion. If someone disagrees, then they should leave the United States and start their own country somewhere else. Have whatever form of government their little hearts desire...but here, we have a form of government that has served us well for a long time...we just need to get back to our roots!

The Federal Reserve system is is the so-called "income" tax on our labor...those are the very basis of our enslavement. The domination that the oil companies have over our energy supplies and the "press" being run by just four corporations is not what our founding fathers had intended. To "promote the general welfare" wasn't meant to say that we should have a welfare system...but that government should do things which benefit we, the people...and not just corporations or certain foreign countries (like Israel).

I didn't mean to offend anyone here...the only way I know to fight the New World Order or the Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians, or the international bankers, the globalists, the multinational corporations, the main stream media, and satan himself, is by honoring our Constitution...that will stop all the rest of those rascals in their tracks!!!

Anonymous said...

It took me awhile to figure Alex out- but now I know for sure. The final nail in the coffin was the "historic" interview with Aaron Russo. Russo says the Rockefellers haven't figured out how to manage the Palestinian/ Israel conflict and that they were once considering moving Israel to Arizona! Both Jones and Russo are disinfo agents. They tell tons of truth then drop a little leaven into it. Clearly controlled opposition.

On the Kennedy Assasination- one shooter was definitely the driver- why else would Mrs. Kennedy try to exit out of the back of the car- what did she see? She saw the driver and thought she was next.

Enough of the NWO and globalist elites. They're just window dressing.

Uncharted Thoughts said...

Watch out for Alex Jones and Hal Turner. They are both on the payroll of the FBI to flush out radicals.

Hackers found emails on his computer informing the FBI of anyone who makes violent or threatening statements. He boasts about how 'useful' he is at flushing out radicals.

They put a few well known truths out there to gain credibility, then mix in a bunch of disinformation to screw people up.

Rense does this as well, they put a few truths in with a bunch of lies.

This whole Zionist mess is about money. These Zionists would never have had the funding to gain so much power without the illegal Federal Reserve and IMF.

The majority of the people in on this do not give a rats ass about Israel. The majority are simply selling out, doing it for the money. This is rampant corruption, and the people buying our politicians are mostly Zionists.

We cut off the money supply to these Zionists, the movement grinds to a halt. Its like a giant machine, it needs oil to run.

The ADL wouldn't have any power if they didn't have massive funding to bribe judges and hire teams of lawyers...

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones: He's weird. He's wacky. He's wild. He's a fraud and an Agent Provocateur. That's right, he works for the Jews/Zionists and is on their payroll.

Everything Alex Jones spews from his never-ending flapping lips is an artifice predicated on subterfuge and deception. In short, he's a liar. Avoid him and his Jew/Zionist propaganda at all costs.

Peace out and have a nice day.

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