Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What Real Patriots Could Do

Why isn't Ron Paul spending his 30 million on ideas like this? We could knock out Zionist Jewish corruption tomorrow with that kind of money. We need more people to do effective actions like this.


Anonymous said...

Wow, and this was in 2006?

Anonymous said...

It seem Ron Paul is not supposed to count his votes properly. Can we do it ourselves, by going around precincts door 2 door and finding out who voted for RP? Explaining that there may be fraud. Get people who voted inside precincts to collect signatures. Lets see how divergent the fugures really are . F*ck an official recount. Waste of time. Public audit required. Pass it on. We will. www.dissential.com

Anonymous said...

lol, u realize that none of the american public are going to believe these ads. Stop saying jewish in them, it sounds racist so less people will believe you. I guarentee that these ads would not do shit.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but i dont think these ads would be very effective. To someone who's never looked in to any of these issues those ads just sound like crazy conspiracy theories. I think a simpler, more down to earth approach is needed. Maybe something like "Don't let the controlled media fool you, this war is not for oil but to advance israels interests" followed by a quick summary explaining this and why the oil myth doesnt add up

Anonymous said...

LMAO prothink! bridge on mars..

yeah I really like a lot of the work Jim Condit Jr has done, but he aslo supports ron paul. I think he is honest in his belief but is/was mislead by the "patriot" movement.

plus our system of gov. is so fucked up there is no way he would A ever be elected, or B even if he was, he couldn't do anything.

So by him participating in our system, and supporting ppl like ron paul, he is hurting the real movement by diverting energy, strength and funds from real shit.

but like i said, i think he was honest and pure in his belief, i just don't see it helping (except him exposing the jews behind 911 on public radio stations, that was AWESOME)

Anonymous said...

Jews a race??? The majority are Ashkenazi converts to Judaism! These criminal LIARS should be celebrating their true race... KHAZARS!!! There never has been a RACE of Jews, EVER! These people have their true homeland as an area of central Russia between the Black and the Caspian Seas... NOT Palestine! They are illegal occupiers of Palestine today, and are attempting to genocide the true people of the region, the Palestinians!

That was proven a long time ago, and is even exposed in the book "The thirteenth tribe".

That previous anonymous fool sounds like a sayanim agent, who's only purpose is to come into sites like this one, Mike, and attempt to pollute the message!

Lets show the world who the true racists are... the so called "Jews" that are illegally occupying Palestine today!

Prothink said...

I didn't post the old comment and I don't know how that made it up there. It was also dated from before I even posted this article. But anyways people lets get off our asses and tell the people in the streets about these Jews like Condit did, thousands at a time.

Anonymous said...

("Jews a race???")
@comment 7:
I don't care what they are. I only can tell you that before this ashke-nazis this so called sefardic jew bastards already bribed the human race too much with blood baths and slave labour! The african Americans didnt came to the US as slaves because of this ashkenazi mongols isnt it? The monopolising of the monetary sistems all over the planet has nothing to do with this jew-converts of southern russia...Please don't seperate this word jew in 2 independent entities, because they are working together in unity on their policies as the jewish world conquering criminal cause.

As a non english speaking European is my grammatical level of your language a bit poor. Excuse me for that.

Joe Blow said...

That Masonic son-of-a-bitch took our fucking money and pissed in our faces! Controlled opposition anyone? I hope he eats shit and die!!!

Remember the immortal words of Daryl Bradford Smith: "I fight criminal Zionist Jews and criminal Judaism!". Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Internet 2 is swiftly approaching and pretty soon we won't even have the opportunity to speak about this subject on the net. Act now before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

It's great except for the dated element regarding Bollyn. Daryl Bradford Smith, and others, have since outed Bollyn and his buddy Hufschmid as frauds.

Prothink said...

I certainly wouldn't say DBS 'outed' Bollyn or even EH. I would say there was some fighting and that you are way off base with that accusation. I am sure Jews and people like yourself would LOVE to sweep Bollyn's work under the rug but that is not going to happen. Nice try though. Who are these 'others' because I am SURE that these 'others' have been 'outed' themselves and don't hold any creditability with me or my site.

Anonymous said...

Jim Condit Jr. is the real deal. The real shame is how he got screwed out of a radio station; that is; under the equal access law a FCC licensed radio station that refuses or edits an ad for a federal congress candidate must fork over its license, as happened to him in Chicago; he took it to court and lost....Eustace Mullins has filed suits also to know avail, but these are the real examples for patriots to emulate.

> fighting the scam of fractional reserve banking

Anonymous said...

Daryl Bradford Smith is a true patriot in the fight against these evil bad guys. He has stated many times that CB's work was spot on until after his arrest, and sudden disappearance, over a year ago.

His reappearance and sudden change in writing style about these criminals is very suspect in the least.

thinkfree said...

I think at the very least this video is good for the folks who
are sure there is corruption but
thinks that is just bush being
a corrupt president to get rich.
The picture is much broader and here is someone running for congress telling you what is actually happening.

Anonymous said...

I think Jim Condit did a great job in getting the message out, no matter what it looks like, people are waking up. Most of the people I talked to again are now seeing the picture of what I am telling them more clearly than before. I am talking about everything 9/11, holohoax, federal reserve, etc... It must be the economy getting bad, gas price going up, or maybe etc... that people allowed me to keep talking without any opposing opinion. People are very open or it could be me knowing how to convey the information better now?

Anonymous said...

Good film for those who think its just George Bush and cons wanting to get rich. Politician that is willing to bring in 911 and zionist

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this up nice to see someone who actually cares and is willing to provide information for people to than decide what next? I am simply amazed how the Americans allow what is about 2% of the population to run the show. What happened America to your love of your country?

KnowledgeblePatriot said...

To Michael Delaney: And mostly to everyone, Please visit this link for some heavy accurate info.
And i also hope it becomes one of your "Recommended Forums". lol




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