Monday, January 7, 2008

Breaking News - Recent Conflict With US & Iran

Here is Iran's explaination:§ionid=351020101


Doesn't look to me like they were threatening our American ships like the Zionist CNN media states!! Here they are recording the footage for all to see. Iran is being very smart about covering their butts so when the Zionist owned media lies they have it on video. Good job Iran..


Anonymous said...

The Bull Shit Meter just went off scale! Isn't it obvious that the US is lying here, and trying to provoke a "Gulf Of Tonkin" incident, just to get their little war with Iran off the ground!

Pass the message around, and quickly.. The US of Israel is doing as their Zionist masters dictate! GWB got his marching orders from his masters in Israel last weekend... Now he is doing as he is told!

We the people must demand a stop to this madness immediately. Israel wants a US/Iran conflict, and is now doing what it can to make it so!

Anonymous said...

Despite the Fauxe portrayal of Iranian aggression, the link to the Iranian story is great news, for the time. You can read that despite higher orders from above, no hostile actions were taken.

This means that our soldiers are beginning to stand up and are realizing their role in their position. They acted as true soldiers and represented our people well.

I think that they're starting to understand that they're there because they believe they can make a difference and they're starting to understand that they need to take care of themselves and avoid unnecessary conflicts. I could go on...

Just now, I thought that I want to reach out to the Iranian people or government. Then, I realized how funny it would be for me to attempt to send a letter to a member of the Iranian government, particularly the higher-ups. I couldn't imagine the parchment to travel its intended course without once being intercepted by curious eyes. But, perhaps I will try.

Unknown said...

War and Blood is the bread and cheese for GWB and his admistraton. Iraqi blood was not enough now they want more. This reminds me with the story of the mouse and the cat when there in the middle of the sea in a small boat. The cat issued a warning to the mouse that if he puts dust on the air he will eat him. The mouse said to the cat how can I dust you on the middle of the sea. Just an execuse. Everybody knows that GWB and his adminstration are war criminal and should brought to justice as soon as possible. Thousands of Iraqi and American lives have been lost. And hundreds of Billion Dollars also were wasted. Really, I feel very sorry that such a government is destroying the reputation of a great country like the USA and such wonderful people the american people which I am honored to know many of them. Lastly, USA has a historical opportunity to lead the World and I can see that the US is loosing this opportunity gradually. It is the responsibilty of American people to clean the Government from unfit officals.

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