Friday, December 21, 2007

Theory On A Second Tier Zionist Plot To 9/11.......

With all the 9/11 truth films out and there, and there are about 10-15 of them, you notice the agenda behind each one of them is to point to Bush & Co and the USA Gov. Well a lot of people now, thanks to people like the kidnapped Chris Bollyn, know that all the big smoking guns on 9/11 point to the Israeli Mossad and dual-citizen moles working in our government at the time. Now if I was one of the Zionists who was part of 9/11 I would make sure to squeeze every penny out of 9/11. I would, on top of all the obvious benefits that Israel and its interests gain with using America for wars on the middle east, would want to plot that when Americans investigate this that me or one of my criminal friends are the ones giving the 'answers', IE: Bush and Cheney with US Government. This is a huge question people need to ask. Why aren't there any mention of Israeli involvement in these so-called '9/11 troof films'? I couldn't imagine it would be dangerous because how could it be more dangerous to accuse a foreign nation for murdering 3000 US citizens but NOT DANGEROUS TO BLAME YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT?!?!? The only benefit these people have in pushing people to the idea Bush & Cheney is that in hopes that Americans lose complete confidence in there government in effect creating turmoil and also hope that the people revolt against there own government. This is when you consider Myron Fagan's speech where he states the same criminal Zionists who commit large scale crimes like 9/11, have also created and controlled the opposing groups like the anti-war movements, peace movements, revolutions in many countries and than they are able to take control under chaos. So I submit to you when I try to warn you about how most of the 9/11 movement is a fraud consider this motivation to neglect information that a foreign nation was involved but they certainly aren't scared to focus on our own government creating disdain and distrust for the government. This is the biggest trick that the Zionists are playing on us. Think about this and I will elaborate on this later in an audio file.


Anonymous said...

dewd, get your facts straight, bollyn was 'never' kidnapped, he's back at it, ask him yourself...

Anonymous said...

The worst of all the so called 9-11 "truth videos" is Loose Change... It is one of many videos that blatantly refuses to link either the Mossad, or other Zionist agents to the 9-11 attacks.

More accurate videos that clearly depict Israeli/Mossad involvement in the 9-11 attacks are needed. We need to step up our attacks on the real criminals, the Zionist elements that have control over America.

Prothink said...

Ok dewd.. So when was the last time you personally seen Bollyn show his face in public? Where is he now? Why after his disappearance did he do a 180 on the people he was working with. Why are his articles pre-disappearance far superior to rehash ones he puts out now.

Bollyn is asking for donations on his site well very shortly we will be challenging weather or not he is kidnapped by an offer by us for him to come and speak, in the US or outside. We will ask him to show his face along with his family. This will put to bed the Bollyn mystery right away. At that time the judgment on other people can be made properly....


Sgt Jamesway said...

I agree that the zionist influence is and has been underplayed at best . My take is the details are often scrutinized with personal objectives and emotions , I will be happy to convey the general truth with acceptance and work from there .
This year I stood in union square with a huge 911 was an inside job 3 man banner . 0% heckling !

Anonymous said...


I agree with prothink.... C Bollyn is obviously in the hands of the criminals... His work before his kidnapping was amazing, but now it just blows.... It just doesn't make sense, unless you surmise that he is being controlled, and forced to put out what these criminals want!

Look at some other writers who have suddenly changed their tune. Many of them have also fallen under Zionist control, and are putting out complete and utter BS just to dilute the truth movement.

rxt78 said...

Re: Jewish/Zionist/Israeli Infiltration into the 9-11 Truth Movement

I originally believed that the Jews/Zionists/Israel were inculcating - propagandizing us with "prosecute Bush-Cheney" because it took the heat off them (i.e. constantly point the finger at others and it gets you off the hook). But that's so obvious. Now after reading your article I see that through their many tools and devices of manipulation, subterfuge, lies & tricks that they will use 9/11 as a means for the American people to turn against their country. Yet again, because their presence is so pervasive in all groups (peace, 9/11 truth, et al) these perpetrators of 9/11 will attempt to emerge as the heros.

This psychological warfare template they seem to be following is also "Hegelian". Hegel was a Jewish philosopher who came up with the complicated “Hegelian principle” that many Jews/Zionists/Israelis follow with strict adherence (and with rather astounding positive results):

The Hegelian paradigm (simplified):

1) Create a problem/crises (e.g. 9/11)
2) Create many opposing viewpoints with plenty of infiltration representing the various viewpoints
3) Finally provide solutions that the masses and sheep would not normally accept.

Also, most of them worship Satan and follow an evil Luciferian plan for destruction of any and all religion and anything that represents a good "God"/deity. Ultimately they wish to rule the world under the aegis of Satan (google it). Frightening. How can you reason-compromise-negotiate with evil? Short answer: You can't. Oh, and once the Jews/Zionists/Israelis are done with their mass murder spree of Muslim-Islam….they will come after the Christians.

Pardon my French, F*#ing B*s*#rds.

I still hold firm in my heart that education of the masses will free us of the tyranny of Jewish/Zionist/Israeli control and world domination. Education and waking people up to their tricks and subterfuge will be the key that unlocks the door to freedom.

Prothink said...

Very well said rxt78!!!

rxt78 said...

Thanks Prothink, and thanks for providing a forum for all of us to discuss, debate and dialogue about the crimes of Jews/Zionists.

The truth will set us free.

Faisal said...

"The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing people he does not exist."

This is why Zionist control and manipulation is so successful. Control mass media and you control the masses. Attach a negative stigma to the label "Conspiracy Theory" and people will stop listening to it.

That's why people will not entertain what you write on your website.

Faisal said...

It is possible that the Bush/Cheney can be responsible for 9/11 and indirectly working for the Zionists. After all, most US presidents further Zionist interests through manipulation or due to funding or on their willful accord. After all the Christian right is also infiltrated by Zionists to add a Christian cover to the Zionist Agenda. Bush belongs to that Christian right and their Pro-Israeli beliefs.

I don't believe that 9/11 just happened to fall on this Administration's laps or that of the Israelis, those two Governments are very active in planning many years ahead.

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