Ron Paul Vs 9/11 Truth

Let it be said to all those out there that are/were thinking I just wanted to slam Ron Paul, I want you to know I was one of the first and one of his biggest supporters. My friend Dan Klass and I were the first to start up a meetup group in Wisconsin. I organized multiple carloads of people to help travel from Wisconsin to Iowa and assist Ron Paul back when he wasn't invited to the Iowa Tax relief. So let it again be said that if I am to be chastised for asking a question from someone I put so much time and energy supporting than who can? This is a dangerous question because if we were to suppose to learn anything in the 'truth movement', it is to question everything and anyone. I come to find out that I lot of people I supported in the past have turned out not to be who they say you are and ALOT of you know this already, IE: Alex Jones and camp. Now information comes up that Ron Paul co-authors a book about a horrible idea to go to the gold standard (I got into this issue on my latest audio file "Rant About Ron Paul") and how his co-author Lewis Lehrman is a member of PNAC (The group responsible for 9/11 and middle east wars). Now I thought that this evidence as bad as it sounds must be looked at. I know alot of people have made the excuse that Ron Paul wrote the book BEFORE Lewis joined PNAC, VERY TRUE, But.. He did join hands with this guy AFTER he was involved heavily with the Oliver North Iran-Contra Scandal, and was a partner in George Bush's Arbusto Co. So I submit to you that is was well known that Lewis was not some innocent person previous to co-authoring this book and therefore Ron Paul should not have associated himself in writing a book together with Lehrman. At very best we could write this off as ignorance on the part of Paul but even with that excuse in play I wouldn't want a person who makes mistakes like getting in bed with criminal Zionists ignorantly. This is the best case scenario and in any case I supported this guy whole heartedly and when these facts came up and were questioned, all hell broke loose with some of his supporters. I soon realized that my main goal to spread the wealth of information so that Americans could see through future deceptions was being compromised by supporting him. It seemed like alot of Paul supporters didn't have any ambition to learn these things. It appeared as though they justed wanted a super hero to rescue the day. A super hero that has never addressed anything about 9/11, never explained WHO owns the Fed Reserve and WHY it is a bad thing for America. It seemed to me that this whole campaign worked in a way to help the criminals of 9/11 buy some time by having supporters just spend time supporting Ron Paul, and not the history of how these criminals have hijacked our country, and IT IS WORKING GREAT!. I will not and have not stated that I am a firm believer that Ron Paul is a Zionist. I do however see that his campaign strategy has worked severely in favor of their agenda to buy time. It is no secret to people that you can't really talk about Zionism, 9/11, etc while supporting this man because alot of his uneducated supporters will be quick to say "he doesn't support that view". When can we talk about this?
When Ron Paul makes it through the Zionist owned digital Voter machines?
When Ron Paul gets into the white house and waves his magic wand and makes all the bad guys go away, I mean it worked for JFK right??

If you were one of those Americans who died in the towers would you want people waiting for a savior and a guy who promises the world but doesn't address real issues? Or would you want thee American people to rise up and scream this information everywhere the facts about 9/11 to everyone they know? Its been over 6 years people. We don't have too much time left on our hands. I don't want to discourage anyone for having hope in that Ron Paul will fix things but lets be honest, these people (IF Ron Paul is legit..) are NOT going to let this man walk into the Whitehouse and start throwing around his weight. What if they took him out tomorrow? All those millions could have been used to spread information, all that time people spend promoting him could have been used to educate other Americans. This is a gamble I never even considered until I did my patriotic duty to question Ron Paul. This is such a huge gamble that people are counting on and enjoying the "Ron Paul Party" right now while it lasts... When the Ron Paul Party is over, what than? We will be set back millions of dollars and probably millions of American's hours on something that never panned out.. Wow. I am not willing to make that bet. I am going to switch my entire focus on just getting information out when voting time comes, honestly Ron Paul might even get my vote if I decide to vote or unless something drastic comes along. Thats all I have to say for right now but lets remember people to stop being spoon fed candidates, information, and decisions and start taking responsibility for helping this country in your own, independent way.


Here are some old pictures of when I was an unquestioning Ron Paul supporter:


Anonymous said…
Mike, (Prothink)
Your stance is well written and you do a good job clearly making your point come across to us readers! :)

Fran from San Diego,Ca
Anonymous said…
Thanks for finally waking up to the truth about Dr. Ron Paul.... Everyone has been deceived into believing in this guy, and that he is out to save America...

Well, I have news for all Americans... You need to save the country yourselves, and not jump on a bandwagon for a guy who speaks the talk, but most probably doesnt walk the walk...

It is typical that most people look for a saviour, rather than realize that they need to step forward, and do the work of saving the nation themselves!

We need to concentrate on exposing the criminals, their network, and their shills.... Like I have said before... If Ron Paul doesnt step forward, and take a stand against Israel, and their Zionist Poodles in the US, then America is doomed to having another puppet, or shill in the White House...

We need a President that has America as his ONLY priority. We do not need a President that lets an evil despicable country on the Mediterranean Sea, bent on world domination command him like a dog to do their bidding!

Lets see Ron Paul come out and take a stand against evil. If he does not, then we need to look elsewhere for salvation.
Anonymous said…
While agree with some of your thoughts, I disagree with some of your conclusions.

Ron Paul is technically a vote for "None of the above" as he plans to take the power away from the Executive Branch, and give the power back to the States where it belongs, and where people like you and I can make a difference.

We have already made an impact and the establishment is SCARED!
Isn't that alone worth the price of admission?

Far from being the "lessor of two evils" Ron Paul is certainly better
than HITLERY Clinton or Adolph Ghoulani (no offense to Nazi lovers of course - lol)They are Fascists!
and owned by AIPAC... If you have evidence to the contrary I am not seeing it in this article. Guilt by association is not Proof IMHO.

Yes we should be concerned about Dr Paul being everything he is sold to be. (I have known him for years and
believe him to be genuine. The real deal as far as a "conservative" goes) That said we have all been let down in the past by Icons for "truth" so I appreciate your skepticism, but also believe that NO politician is perfect. We will never all agree on what "perfect" means.
Being the cynic that I am I tend to think that there will be no political "solution" only a people solution by means of open revolt and civil disobedience. To me RP represents the latter, intended or not.

Ron Paul Exposes the Federal Reserve, whom I have long been fighting, and who reek of Zionist control. Paul exposes Neo CONS like Wolfowitz, Perle, and Kristol; effectively calling them out as "Trotsky-ites"
Paul will cut off Israel, AND Saudi Arabia.... Or not help congress to fund them anyway... Paul will veto any encroachment on our liberties, and will attempt to stop the cultural war in the mid east, egged on by Israel.


In my opinion we can still get out for 911 truth, work to repeal draconian legislation, and educate the people of the world about Zionism, while helping Ron Paul too.
If anyone tells you to shut up and censor yourself, let them know that they are not doing Ron Paul or this Republic any favors and move on.

Thanks for standing up for what you believe in. I hope that you won't be as judgmental as those you accuse of "censoring" your message.

In Liberty,

Jack Blood
Anonymous said…
Its about time, Mike, that you have seen the light... Ron Paul is not the solution!

You, like the rest of us, believed that he could be the savior for America. I am glad that you are not afraid to admit that you were also fooled by this guy.

I never even knew about Zionism, until a coworker told me to listen to audio files on, and after a few files, it was mind blowing! Then I discovered your site, and I am glad to say that I am passing the message on to others. There are still millions of people out there that are living with blinders on. It is astonishing the amount of control these evil people exert!

Truth is, we should all work, each and every one of us, towards saving our world ourselves. We cannot expect any "elected" official to do the saving for us.

Keep up the good work, my friend. You are an inspiration for us all.
Anonymous said…
Since you've expressed a keen desire to throw the baby out with the bathwater on pure specyulation, I'd like to know which other candidate it is that you feel has fewer warts than Dr. Ron Paul?

Which one has truly a platform for bringing our country more in line with what the Constitution and the men that created specified?
Anonymous said…
A platform??? Since when is Ron Paul the savior? We need to save ourselves, and not vote for the "lesser of all evils"....

A real platform would be someone coming out, and saying that the Mossad did 9-11, or that Israel attacked the USS Liberty on purpose, or that Israel runs the US government, or that the Israelis are the ones behind wanting the US to attack Iraq....

Don't you see my point? We don't need another Israeli shill in the White House, but someone with real balls.... Ron Paul keeps on saying that Al Quaida did 9-11 with Osama Bin Laden! And why they did it is because "We are over there".... How much of a lie do you need to see the guy doesnt want to tell the truth!

Wake up and campaign for anyone who comes out for the real truth!!
Anonymous said…

What's the real deal on Alex Jones?

Please advise
Anonymous said…
Alex Jones is a Zio-Shill... Plain, and simple...

He will never discuss Zionism, or the Israeli/9-11 connection, and if he is backed into a corner by any of his listeners or guests, he just becomes apologetic, and tries to spin it into the old "Bush-Cheney" lie. He always tries the cop-out, and will keeps up the "New World Order" BS nonstop.

Its time we put the screws to Alex and his cohorts. EVERYONE calling into his "show" should bombard him with Israeli/Zionism questions, and have him squirm until he either cries uncle, or has to come clean about his true colors.

Zionism is a poison on this planet, and WE have to defeat these criminals.
Anonymous said…
i cannot get my head around the 'Alex Jones is a Zionist shill' bit. i'm not proud of it but i listen to his podcast every day. honestly bro, he does not ommit Israel involvement when explaining his world-view. there are others that say he's a Jesuit. even if he were any of these things, he is sat there day after day exposing the criminals that want you and me dead... i figure that banging on about one group from one country and who you supposedly can't trust in the truth movement is not helpful - is it all just about the Zionists? AJ made those amazing, detailed films too - the guy is blatantly for real.
as for your ideas about Ron Paul, he is fighting for America to be in a position to discover the facts about 9/11, not just 'expose the truth' - he is running for president for God's sake do you really think he's gonna use his soundbites to expose the Zionists?
can you see the wood for the trees? i'm not perfect and maybe i'm missing something but it all sounds like teenage one-upmanship to me.
Anonymous said…
I question "powerfulbacklegs" for his support of both Ron Paul, and Alex Jones...

Everyone with common sense can see that Alex is a bought and paid for shill... His rants about the "New World Order" being the cause of our problems, without actually going after the real perpetrators, the Israelis and their agents in the USA, is enough of this proof...

Ron Paul is not the answer. He probably knows the truth about 9-11 being a Mossad operation, but is either controlled by them, or too afraid to come forward and expose their entire operations. So why would we vote to have another controlled puppet in the White House? To say he is the best of all these crooks is not what is best for us.

We have to be weary of agent provocateurs even coming into this site, and trying to cloud the message about criminal Zionism. Lets stay concentrated on spreading this important message.
Anonymous said…
After reading some of the comments here, I begin to see Ron Paul in a better light. If most republicans candidates are religious nuts, Clinton is pushed in front by crocodile tears, and the only reasonably alternative (RP) is dragged down what appears to be pimple-faced arguments, I can only say this: It's funny because it's true.

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