Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Prothink Rant About Ron Paul And His Unquestioning Supporters


Anonymous said...

Good audio file. If we want the TRUTH, we need to question everything . Especially everything that the media puts out. Ron Paul seems genuine when he speaks about his issues.. but can we trust him? Just because he says one thing, doesn't mean he will do it. Look at George Bush. Nobody thought he woulda ended up like he is now, most likely.. but shit happens.

I also question the recent NIE Report. Although its good for us, because it says that Iran stopped its weapons program.. can we trust it? Is it reliable? We need to question every single thing to get to TRUTH. Keep spreading that truth man. Stay strong. Peace

Anonymous said...

Never trust a politician has been the most popular saying of the last few decades...

Ron Paul needs to come forward and expose the criminals behind 9-11, and other zio-crimes before I ever support him!

Memphis Police Shooting and Chimpout