Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Prothink Interviews Eric Hufschmid

I will be interviewing Eric in the future and if you have any question you'd like me to ask him please leave it in the comment section of this post.


Anonymous said...

Does Ron Paul single out Israel?

Anonymous said...

Great interview. A bit depressive at times but hey, truth is not equal to fun! But there is hope and Hufschmid got into that also. We have to concentrate on spreading the message and improve our situation, we KNOW now that the status quo is bad! Good job Mike!

Anonymous said...

How does Daryl Bradford Smith feel about your interview with Eric Hufschmid right soon after your interview with him?
Daryl felt betrayed by Hufschmid in the past and now finds over 40 files deleated by Mr. Hufschimd. I know DBS is a hothead but he is ill and has worked and given so much.
His insights and theories are spot on. As I thought I heard it,by the tone of DBS podcast with you as a guest, you appeared to really respect and admire Daryl and considered him a mentor.

Anonymous said...

Hufschmid is obviously one of the good guys and not as DBS claims! looking forward to another interview

Prothink said...

With the lack of people out there speaking the truth and history of Zionism I refuse to take sides on Eric and Daryl unless I see hard evidence to convince me that one or the other is truly dirty. As it stands right now I support both of them getting their information out there but who knows, maybe in the future things will change as far as my support for them goes. We need to focus on getting out there and pushing this information vigorously and I don't think we can afford right now to marginalize either one of their efforts. This anti-zionist movement isn't supposed to be soap opera for a fan club to entertain themselves with. There is good reason why the three of them were broken up and other camps have grown stronger. It should be quite obvious when you look at the big picture.

Anonymous said...

Mike: Why doesnt Eric make peace with DBS, and come clean about his reasoning for deleting over 40 important files at

Eric may have some good comments, and articles, but his attitude to DBS has given him a definite black eye.

Its time for the two of them to make peace, because as I have always said..As long as the truth movement is divided by infighting, the Zionists will always have their way! The zionists therefore will always make sure the infighting continues...

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment. I think that EH is the problem in the fight with DBS. He had no right to destroy valuable files, and therefore make himself look like the real criminal!

EH and DBS have to stop their childish behaviors, and stop fighting! Grow up, you two! It is only aiding the enemy, the Zionists!

Both can continue to write articles, and fight the Zionists independently if necessary. Just stop slamming each other, and concentrate on helping to expose the real criminals. We need a united fight, because turmoil is coming in the world early in 2008.
We need to focus on the real fight for our freedoms!

Anonymous said...

Are you guys kidding? How can Eric make peace with a man who threatened to kill Eric Hufschmid simply because he wouldn't tell lies about Chris Bollyn's kid?

Hufschmid has two articles called WHY I NO LONGER WORK WITH SMITH

Daryl got pissed off because he thinks Hufschmid ruined his credibility by sepeculating Bollyn and his family were captured and are still under pressre despite Bollyn still running a website. Yet Eric maintains that this means nothing. Bollyn missed a court date and is now official a convict who committed assualt in America, according to a jury who convicted him. So Daryl is too stupid to see that Eric is right in that someone is obviously controlling-protecting Bollyn from his assualt conviction and missed court date for a price.

Furthremore, there is a very suspicious nature of that website as pointed out by This suspicious nature only proves what Hufschmid has been saying. That the Bollyn family is being protected from Chris' assault conviction and therefore legally warranted prison time, for a price.

Bollyn now has the articles on his website saying that Daryl Smith was mean to him from the git go. Eric Hufschmid also says this in his Oct 30 audio file. He explains that Bollyn posted photos of his time with Smith to protect himself from wild allegations.

However, Bollyn has been paid I think to say, "You guys, Smith and Hufschmid, your speculations about the American Free Press being Zionist controlled got me fired." However, Bollyn told Eric Hufschmid on an iamthewitness show on Oct 11 2006, that the American Free Press cut his salary twice and said he could no longer travel. Eric said, "Why would they do this to you if you were their star reporter?" Bollyn: "Exactly, Eric."
Chris Bollyn also told me in an email exchange that he was fired largely in part for wondering if AFP WAS under zionist control and for asking WHY they were working with Wingtv, who turned out to be an ADL operation.

Crypto Jews blow their cover!

So we see Bollyn being pressured by his captors to pretend that his assiciation with Smith and Hufschmid got him fired when in fact he was treated badly with a cut salary and travel prevention, and for asking why they were working with victor thorn and lisa guiliani from wingtv, whom Bollyn promptly exposed.

Eric should be made to answer why he got rid of Smith's 2006 files. There was some good stuff. Including that October 2006 interview where Chris Bollyn exposed how American Free Press MISTREATED HIM. In that interview he also said that the day he was brought in to AFP, someone said to him, "Okay, pick out the agents." Therefore, Bollyn said, AFP was suspicious to me for a long time before you ever said anything about them on your website, Eric.

Anonymous said...

I can see your point... But the bashing happened from both angles... EH is just as guilty as DBS, and both are acting like spoiled children as a result.

It doesnt take much to see why the anger on DBS's side is justified... I would also be pretty pissed if someone erased all of my files, and it would definitely lead to the suspicion that EH is a crypto zionist as a result! But given time, and if EH continues to pursue an independent fight against the real criminals, even DBS may alter his anger, and seek some type of reconcilliation. People are human, and prone to mistakes, and forgiveness can be shown to be the mature way to go.

As far as CB is concerned... I also have my doubts as to his whereabouts, and his physical, and mental health. It does seem that the zionist criminals have him underwraps right now, and the only way he can disprove it is to come out in the open, and come clean. Lets hope that he is able to come forward and let us know if he is ok... He used to be such a great writer for truth, but his recent works are suspicious.

Lets have the bickering end, and have the real criminals fought....

Anonymous said...

FYI, anyone can threaten to "kill" someone if their mental mindset at that moment makes them blurt out such a ridiculous statement. I agree that DBS may have gone overboard in threatening EH, but at that moment, his faith, and trust in him was shattered, and it did appear that EH was working at destroying DBS also....

It just shows how childish the two of them have been, and how they must take a mature stance, and back away from hurting the truth movement. As I have said, the Zionists LOVE that type of infighting, because it chases people away from the truth! Hopefully both of these proud individuals can realize that, and come to some type of understanding. The world needs for people like them to fight the real criminals, and not each other.

rmstock said...

DBS and Hufschmid have been played out againts each other. This can happen even
to people wo have been friends since highschool. How that is done?

It's the Illuminati, who send in shadowy
types to takeover and control one of the two friends. How to prevent such evil satanic crap? One method is sticking close to the values and rules laid out by a proper Religion. Christianity is a good choice.

Anonymous said...

Religion will not solve their problem. It takes both of them to realize that they have been duped into fighting each other, and to immediately stop their childish antics.

As said previously, that is exactly what the Zionist lunatics want. Infighting amoungst the truthseekers keeps us divided, and they can continue their quest for our complete domination!

If either DBS, or EH, is truly a Zionist agent, they will eventually expose themselves for everyone to see.

FYI...Both do write excellent articles, and the only downside so far has been EH's destruction of DBS's files! So, WHY did he destroy the files??? What would be the purpose of destroying these files? We need to think about that...

Bottom Line: That is where it stands right now. We have been waiting on Eric Hufschmid to explain his actions. As time goes on without his response, we have him pegged as being the Zionist agent!

Anonymous said...

Yes... Why hasn't Eric Hufschmid come forward to explain why he deleted those files?

Its obvious that since Eric has refused to answer that important question, that he is the agent provocateur. We should now be very weary of whatever he says...

Be very careful, Mike, of allying yourself with this guy. His actions in dealing with DBS may have exposed him as a Zionist.

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