Sunday, December 23, 2007

New Effective Tactic To Spark Interests

I was calling a customer service rep for an issue I was dealing with and trying to think of a way to get the average joe-6pack interested in learning more about Zionist crimes. I formed a conditioned question for the lady and it went like this:
Prothink: What if someone came into your house and stole $8,000 from everyone in your household, what would you do?
Lady on phone: I would go after them and kick some butt!
Prothink: What if I told you that a person who was a dual citizen of a foreign nation did JUST THAT to EVERY SINGLE American in one year?
Lady: I would be quite concerned, how come this isn't on the news?

At this point I explained to the lady the story of duel-Israeli citizen Rabbi Dov and how he was responsible for 'losing' 2.3 trillion dollars and how we will have to pay for this later and asked her wouldn't she want some justice for this. This tactic worked perfectly on a couple other people I tried it on and thought I would share this because we need every edge we can get. Now go ahead and try this on someone as an icebreaker!


Anonymous said...

Mike... Great idea! Maybe everyone who reads your articles can go out and and try your approach to truth telling..

Americans dont like the idea of being fleeced, and by your method it opens people's eyes to a truth that has been hidden for 6 years...

Maybe we should get an arrest warrant out for that dual citizen, Dov Zhakheim! The guy should be tarred, and feathered! The guy is still running around free, and has not had to explain where the 2.3 Trillion went....

I got news for Americans... The trillions obviously went to that evil country in the Middle East, bent on world domination, named Israel! It is so amazing how the Zionist controlled media continues to never bring up this extremely serious subject!

America is a slave to Israel, and until we get that message out, they will have their way in sending our young people to die in their genocidal wars of conquest.

Wake up, America!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dual citizens running our government... The idea makes me sick...

We need people in government who pledge their allegiance to the US only! Having these Zionist criminals ruining the country shows how far the slavery goes!

I don't ever want to be a slave to Israel, and will do my damnest to get the message out to everyone!

Thanks, Mike, for helping in this important fight for our survival!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely a great idea, Mike! I will try that with a few friends over the Christmas holiday, and see what kind of reaction I get...

I will let you know the results!

Keep up the good fight!

Anonymous said...

The mainline Media is CRIMINAL not to pursue this awful banditry of 2.3 Trillion dollars!!
But we all know that the Media is owned by the Zionists and they protect their own.
Remember how they crucifified Ex President Clinton over his affair with Monica Lewinsky? They used and replayed that story for more than it was worth! :(
Fran from San Diego,Ca.

Anonymous said...

Mike and Khanverse,

That’s an excellent suggestion.
Except I would take it a million steps further.

Try this on for size.

I am a Raw Plant Based person,and I teach Hatha Yoga for a living and sell women's shoes on the side for some fake “Federal Reserve Notes”

I say bring me Raw foods, and I will trade with you, give you Yoga lessons, and teach you how to protect your feet from deforming high heels.

Now, I get fed up of doing Raw and get into Meat. You bring me a cow etc and I exchange Yoga classes

The Cow gets cumbersome and drops a lot of ….,and so we decide lets do a "Precious Metal thing" "Heavy Metal rock group?" heavy thing, ummm....Gold. So you bring me Gold and I give you Yoga...

We get tired of the heavy crap (b.s. Ron Paul and his sheeple minions) and take it to a..h...Mr. Goldsmith (Goldstein, Goldberg, Goldfarb, GOLD-FART?) and he stashes and stacks the lifeless crap Gold and issues receipts, paper receipts. (By the way these Pharisaical Judeans [not Jews, the word Jew was not even in the first English Dictionary in 1897:Source: Benjamin Freedman and many other places] and the fake Ashkenazim Jews are not even Semite (son’s and daughters of Shem) These Pharisees people invented the dirty, filthy habit of mutilating their infant male babies and making them into sexual cripples to keep them as Sex slaves. (By the way this is not called Circumcision by us Intact-ivists, its now called MGM or Male Genital Mutilation) and they were blaming it on Ancient Egypt

Anyway, the cunning Shylock (the Jew from William Shakespeare) latches on to the idea, I have the "good as Gold" crap so all I have to do is pay for the paper, the ink and the machine that prints this monopoly play money!

(Watch "Money Changers" of William Still, read ONLY online not at Zionist Owned Borders, Barnes & Noble etc "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve" Eustace Mullins and watch to learn about these evil people and of course

These swine’s, counterfeiters and thieves have been doing this Fractional Reserve Crap to us for thousands of years, first the Ashkenazim Khazars Converted to Judaism in 740AD "White European Fake Jews" They were converted to this bogus Abrahamic Monotheistic Pharisee con-artist Jew Inspired "Christmas" ka-ching ka-ching crap people to Judaism (They were fighting against the Muslims and the Christians)

Do you people see how these Organized Religions only encourage Wars between people (Mine is better than yours?) Even Buddhism, Hinduism…all the ‘isms’) Listen and pay attention to John Lennon’s two brilliant songs “God” and “Working Class Hero”…He was murdered by these bankers.

Of-course I would greatly simplify the above and stick to how we have been brainwashed by these low-lifes, but take out a Dollar Bill and educate your local B of A, Wells Fargo Idiot banker clerks and explain that that money is illegal and they are illegal and that we have formed a "Posse" to arrest them all!![ the chicken shit Military or Police have been bought and paid for, plus all those PMF’s (Privatized Military Firms) in the Middle East (US Constitution: ARTICLE 1, SECTION 8, CLAUSE 5) CONGRESS (alone) SHALL HAVE THE POWER TO COIN MONEY AND REGULATE ITS USE THEREOF.

These bastards murdered a million and a half Armenians in 1915...did 911, torpedoed the USS Liberty, Did Katrina at New Orleans and constructed over 30 Nuclear Silos in the US to send the Depleted Uranium to their "Bunker Busters" and "Precision Bombing Crews" and murdered innocent Palestinians, Afghani's, Iraqi's to mention just a few things…etc


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