Saturday, December 29, 2007

New 9/11 Truth Film From Prothink

This is just a small 10 minute from the entire film which will be coming soon...


Anonymous said...

Wow Prothink!!
That's some powerful, persuasive evidence you packed into that 10 minute YouTube!
I can't wait to see the full version you'll be putting out! :)

Fran from San Diego,Ca.

Anonymous said...

I saw 2 different "Painful Questions" movie versions: one with the speaker being Jim Walter and the other EH talking.
Prothink: your plan to make a movie about Israelis involvement is a good idea, but just keep in mind these points when you are making a movie.
Feedback: A lot of older people, I talk to have a hard time reading information on the internet due to their failing eyesights. If you are going to do this video for public viewing, you need to engage the audience by verbal communication, picture, and or moving picture or scenery. Beside posting words for people to read on the screen, you need to also read it or give speeches like you are giving a presentation in front of an audience. Just letting your audience reading the words you put out on the screen for more than an hour will put a lot people to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Looks promising!

you may remove this part of this message and correct the video: the white house guy's name is fleischer not fliescher
Keep up the good work!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This site is packed. Good work (don't always agree, but so what?)

Nice one guys


Anonymous said...

I also agree with the person who said that you should speak in the film instead of words on the screen. If there's any possible way you could do that, I say go for it. Instead of typing the words, just say what you would type. You could get more info in a less amount of time and I think its easier for people to listen than to read. Just my thoughts.. its still an excellent video either way. Peace

Anonymous said...

There are currently Israelis working at mall kiosks selling skin products. I have seen them at a few malls here in Illinois. Whether they are up to something nefarious or not, how can the government allow them and even take the chance??

Anonymous said...

I agree with those who say speak the written words, doing both would be best. Ryan Dawson's presentation was ruined because he doesn't have good auditorial skills which put a lot of people off an otherwise fine presentation. There are so many little details that can turn this from a good to a great presentation. Attention to detail and cast-iron facts are essential of course but getting the delivery right is important to.

I am delighted to see someone highlight the Zionist connection to 9/11 in a video, keep up the good work Prothink :)

Khanverse said...

"lot of older people, I talk to have a hard time reading information on the internet due to their failing eyesights. If you are going to do this video for public viewing, you need to engage the audience by verbal communication, picture, and or moving picture or scenery."

^agreed. prothink and I just spoke about this a few minutes ago...

good point nonetheless

Anonymous said...

listen up, Prothink, u are doing a wonderful Job...but please mention Israelis posing as Arab hijackers in Zionist Mossad run flight schools like Huffman aviation

Anonymous said...

yo prothink, there is information out there which suggests that there were double agents posing as "Arab hijackers" in flight schools.

Anonymous said...

here's another essay I wrote to a Zionist Jewish professor at the end of 2007. Feel free to use it in the movie.
Compellence and Deterrence in the "War of Terror"
The Zionist constructed Anglo-American and Israeli led "War of Terror" is not deterring or compelling the Islamic resistance in the Muslim nations from liberating their lands from aggression, occupation, destruction, Zionist directed colonization, and outright oppression. Rather it has been a strategy of aggression that has led to a tragic loss of human life. The War on Terror is a concept that was hatched in the eighties by Jewish extremists (i.e. Zionists) in the Israeli and American governments and resurrected to its full potential in the late nineties. The perpetrators of the 9-11 terrorist attacks have been identified as Israelis and Jewish fanatics or Zionists in the United States federal government and intelligence agencies. This is what many journalists from the Zionist-controlled mainstream and even alternative media initially found subsequently after the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Furthermore, after the revelations of involvement by Israeli terrorists in the 9-11 terrorist attacks, independent journalists and investigators found further evidence linking Jewish fanatics to the event. However, the Jewish lobby in the United States pressured them to stop releasing details about the terrorist attack that would implicate the Zionists from Israel and the United Sates as being involved.
The main strategies employed by the United States on behalf of the Zionists in Israel and the United States governments are of outright aggression and outright false propaganda. There is compellence applied by various Zionist controlled governments or institutions like the United Nations Security Council, the United States, Great Britain, and other western nations, along with various other conservative think tanks within the developed world.[1] The threats were used in directing relatively independent nation-states to submit to global Zionist interests. This includes the splitting of Iraq into three main regions – Iraqi Kurdistan which is autonomous, the central Sunni regions, and southern Shi'ite protectorate of Zionists and Iran.[2] The Iraqi resistance factions mainly come from Sunni-controlled Central Iraq.
During the 1980s, there were well documented plans by Jewish fascists to fragment the various Islamic nations and dominate over them. The 1982 document, "A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties" by Oded Yinon outlines the methods through which the neighbouring Arab states can be decimated. The neo-conservative movement in the United States of America is saturated with Zionist Jews who decided to implement these plans.[3] Their objectives were further resurrected in 1996, with the strengthening of the Zionist Jewish lobby in the United States government. "A Clean Break" is a document written by the Jewish fascists Richard Perle, James Colbert, Charles Fairbanks, Jr., Douglas Feith, Robert Loewenberg, David Wurmser, and Meyrav Wurmser. This is a document which was prepared by The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies' "Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy Toward 2000". The documents further stated that Israel would have to secure its territory by attacking alleged threats like Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, and other states with the clear purpose of destabilizing them under the banner of alleged "Jewish people's hunger for human rights".[4][5] These documents clearly prove that that the strategy of compellence was being applied by various institutions to fulfill Zionist interests and objectives. Furthermore, the Project for a New American Century further- rmore ascertains that the United States should take a further aggressive role in international affairs and locate its potential enemies – which all have turned out to be nations that are against the destructive interests of world Zionism.[6]
Deterrence is an option that can't be used by the Zionist controlled federal government of the United States. The option of deterrence against the non-existent "Al Qaeda" and Saddam Hussein's non-existent nuclear capabilities were used as an excuse by the puppet Bush regime in legitimizing an attack on the sovereign nation of Iraq.[7] However, deterrence can't be used as an option solely for the purposes of fulfilling the objectives of paranoids within the neo-conservative militant political movement of the United States or Israeli governments. Perhaps the overt opponents of Zionist Israel and United States like Iran may be using deterrence from foreign aggression by purchasing high grade weapons from Russia and other Eastern European former communist nations used solely for defending itself.[8] Deterrence is the best form of protection from threats by aggressive powers.
The initial blame on the 9-11 attacks fell upon the non-existent "Al Qaeda" group. Al Qaeda in Arabic means "the base" and is used to refer to the database of arms smugglers and foreigners who entered Afghanistan during the Islamic-Nationalist resistance against the Soviet Communists. Most of these foreign mujahideen, as they were labelled by the western press ended up being refugees in Afghanistan or neighbouring Pakistan since the governments of their home nations would not want them back. There is no internationalist "Islamist" group called "Al Qaeda" that exists in reality. It is a fabrication of the Zionist controlled intelligence agencies in the western world (United States, Great Britain, Germany, and Israel in particular).[9] Real Islamic militant groups like Hamas (Occupied Palestine), Hezbollah (liberated Southern Lebanon), Moro Islamic Liberation Front (Occupied Mindanao in the Southern Philippines), and the Chechen resistance movement amongst others generally have written manifestos, public figureheads or leaders, and generally popular support. For a group to name itself "Al Qaeda" is not only illogical but would not be able to maintain the support from Muslims that resistance groups generally maintain. Saudi dissident Sa'ad Al Fagih explains it best when he states that "…if they are using the term Al Qaeda ... Al Qaeda is just a record for the people who came to Peshawar and moved from there back and forth to the guest house".[10]
All major evidence with regards to the 9-11 attacks points towards the Israelis and Zionists within the pentagon and United States government. The evidence will be provided in brief in the next few paragraphs. Rabbi Dov Zakheim, who was the comptroller of the pentagon – is suspected of being involved in embezzling approximately 2.6 trillion US dollars from the pentagon budget. He also ran a company (System Planning Corporation – SPC) that was involved in manufacturing remote-controlled aircrafts that can be hijacked in mid-air and crashed into predetermined targets. In addition to that, he was one of the co-signers (along with several other Zionists, most of Jewish extraction) of the Project for a New American Century Document that stated there was a need for a "Pearl Harbour" type of incident to occur in order to transform America's role in the world.[11] He resigned in March 24, 2004 from the position as comptroller. On September 12th 2001, Paolo Lima of New Jersey's Bergen Record reported that eyewitnesses across the river in New Jersey had reported seeing what appeared to be five Middle Eastern men in Arabic clothing dancing and celebrating the attacks as the planes hit the twin towers. Some of these five men were later on the night of the attacks were apprehended by the NYPD, and they had all turned out to be Israeli Jews. In their possession were box cutters, thousands of dollars of cash, maps of New York city and surrounding areas including visible targets. They were Israelis posing as Arabs (mista'aravim as called in Hebrew) who had traces of military grade explosives (RDX) in their vans as detected by the bomb sniffing dogs of the police.[12] The Ha'aretz newspaper in Israel had stated that these men were arrested and apprehended by the NYPD, and the Jewish Forward magazine in New York had confirmed that they were indeed Mossad agents.13 It was the Israeli media, subsequently after the 9-11 attacks that stated the fact that over four thousand of its nationals were missing in the World Trade Center complex.[14] The New York Times originally stated that that 130 Israelis had died in the twin tower complex. However, the New York times (which mentioned that the Hebrew Odigo system had warned its clients of the attacks) later recanted and stated that 129 of the 130 Israelis were well and alive.[15] It was after these facts came out from journalists in the Zionist media of Israel and the United States, that southern Lebanon's Hezbollah's Al-Manar station broadcasted the statement that over four thousand Jews had not gone to work on the day of the terrorist attacks.[16] The financial scams perpetrated by the owner of the WTC complex Larry Silverstein for insurance against the two terrorist attacks amounted to at least $5 billion dollars – as paid out by the Zionist Judge Michael Mukasey.[17] Another Zionist financial scam related to the attacks of 9-11 was carried out by Kobi Alexander with regards to insider trading. Various independent researchers into the 9-11 terrorist attacks – Carol Valentine, Albert Pastore (Psuedonym), Christopher Bollyn (twice married to Jews), Paulo Lima of the Bergen records, Carl Cameron of Fox News, Michael Rivero (Marrano Jew), Eric Huffschmidt (partly Jewish), Andrew Winkler (Jewish) amongst others have been able to connect the Zionists as the masterminds of the 9-11 terrorist attacks.
Two months after the 9-11 attacks, Carl Camron of Fox News stated in a four part series (each part about five to six minutes long) report that there was a massive spy ring consisting of Israelis posing as art students throughout the United States that was involved in selling ecstacy and infiltrating the head offices of the United States government officials, and the US military. The Israelis had been arrested by the NYPD on or after the attacks, and the documents the law enforcement found stated that, " 'targeted and penetrated military bases'. The DEA, FBI, and dozens of government facilities, and even secret offices and unlisted private homes of law enforcement and intelligence personnel. The majority of those questioned, 'stated they served in military intelligence, electronic surveillance intercept and or explosive ordinance units'." [18[19]] The Mossad used various companies, including Urban Moving as false fronts for their operations – one of the main task being the transportation of explosives which implied controlled

Anonymous said...

demolition took place since the towers fell at free fall speed (about 10 seconds).[20] The alleged fore-knowledge by the Mossad of non-existent Arab hijackers (nine of the alleged nineteen who were alive after the attacks) turned out to be a smokescreen for covering up for the identities of the real attackers (Zionist fanatics). Most of the students who appeared to be alleged hijackers in the flight school appeared to have been Israeli double agents posing as Arabs (mista'Aravim).[21] In addition to that, the alleged 20th hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui appears to have been physically tortured into making false confessions.[22] ICTS or Integrated Consultants for Targeted Security is an Israeli-owned Mossad-connected security firm charged with handling security matters in Boston Logan airport. They were in possession of the CCTV cameras that are supposed to have showed the nineteen alleged hijackers entering Boston Logan. So far, they haven't shown one single video tape from Boston Logan.[23] Apparently, all pictures of the alleged ringleader of the hijackings, who called his father on the day after the attacks, have been from transportation facilities in Portland, Maine. The alleged hijacker's (whom the Zionists could never prove was a terrorist) father also denies it is his son on the cameras and questions the possible involvement of the Mossad in kidnapping his son.[24] In addition to that, a specialist (Daniel Lewin) from Israeli aircraft take-over teams (for alleged hijackings) were initially pointed out as carrying weapons on one of the planes, until the names were changed to point to an Arab (Satam Al-Muqami). [25][26] Furthermore, ICTS and its various subsidiaries like Huntleigh were involved in the security of the Madrid subways and the London Bus transportation system (it's Israeli sister company Verint systems was in charge of security of the London subways). It is also involved in guarding security at various other transportation facilities around the world (particularly Europe and the United states).[27][28]
Furthermore, after the terrorist attacks of 9-11, similar cases of black intelligence operations and false-flag terrorism have occurred throughout the world blaming them on the elusive non-existent "Al Qaeda": names conveniently exploited by the Zionist faction of the CIA, British intelligence, and the Israeli Mossad (military), who manufacture most internationalist terrorist incidents that are often blamed on the Arabs or Muslims with the malevolent goal of implicating the Islamic religion as being the inspiration behind these atrocities. The terrorist bombings on civilian targets in London – England (7-7-2005)[29], Madrid-Spain (3-11-2004)[30][31], Iraq (which happen almost every day)[32] [33] [34], Philippines (certain periods throughout 2004-2005)[35][36] , Jordan, [37], Turkey (Synagogues and other "soft targets" in 2004), Egypt[38], Morocco[39], Indonesia (Bali in particular)[40], and other places throughout the world bear the fingerprints of black operation mercenaries from Israel, Great Britain, Russia, and the United States (usually Zionist Jews) [41]. To further confirm these allegations, Israeli or Anglo-American Jewish terrorists have been captured in attempted and successful black operations in Occupied Palestine[42], Mexico[43], Egypt[44], England[45], Argentina[46], Trinidad[47], Iraq[48][49], United States[50][51], and even Canada[52]. This was either before, on, or after the attacks of September eleventh.
The best way to deter manufactured cases of terrorism (black operations) would be to ensure that Zionists are not given the ability to take charge of the security of public transportation or commercial facilities (like they did in London, Madrid, New York, and other places). Further- more, Zionist Jewish organizations like the ADL, JDL, AIPAC, JINSA, Hasbara Fellowships, and various Israeli or Zionist fronts should be constrained in their influence or financial support[53]. This includes keeping surveillance on groups like Betar Tegar (Extremist Zionist Terrorist), B'nai Brith, amongst others[54][55]. This is the best way for the western nations to be able to deter themselves from terrorist attacks. As well as that, any spy networks connected to the Israeli Mossad, MI-5/MI-6 (of Great Britain), or the Zionist faction of the American CIA and FBI are to be liquidated[56]. If compellence was to be enforced, then the United States should cut all commercial ties to the state of Israel, which is a major threat to its national security interests. In order to ensure that there is absolutely no threat of any possible terrorist attacks, most of the Zionist organizations must have its assets seized, and the leaders should be interrogated for spying on behalf of foreign governments, subversion, collaboration with terrorists (generally Zionists), and/or treason. Perhaps, the United States government should guard its national interests by supporting Nationalist-Islamic resistance freedom fighters like Hezbollah.
The war on terror is basically a war constructed by Zionist Jews against Islam and the Muslim world. It is a concept that is futile and will lead to the socio-economic and political destruction of both Israel and the United States in addition to many regions within the Muslim world. Global Zionism, or rather Judeo Fascism (as opposed to the manufactured threat "Islamo-fascism") appears to be the real threat which the world is facing today – benefiting only a select few within the global Jewish community (most Jews are endangered by the actions of their fanatics). As already mentioned, it is neither a strategy of compellence or deterrence to engage in wars for the benefit of Zionists – rather one of aggression and terror which has led to unlimited misery and suffering around the world. Thus, the best way to eliminate the need for either compellence or deterrence in this war of aggressive terror is to end global Zionism both as a political and/or militant terrorist movement and for the masses of Jewish people to condemn the actions of the extremists, who have harmed their reputation worldwide.

Footnotes available upon request.

Anonymous said...

Hey salman, nice job, I'd be very interested in seeing the footnotes please :)

Anonymous said...

Cant wait for the full version. This will certainly open some eyes.

Anonymous said...


Good short clip of the entire video. I cannot wait for the finished product!

People need to see this video, and others, that expose the truth about 9-11. Israel and their American puppets, pulled off that mass murder, and unless we get this message out, they will do it again!

Lets all make a resolution for 2008 that we pass this message on to as many people as we can. 2008 should be the year that turns the tide in the fight against Zionism!

Anonymous said...

How Israelis See Americans

"Murdering Americans to trick the gullible, good-natured, patriotic citizenry into conducting and paying for Israel’s genocidal wars against the Semitic Arabs of the Middle East is pretty much par for the course"

Compare to:

"The companies that employ Israelis sell "either those small pillows that you can heat in the microwave and they're like a massage when you put them on your neck. Or they sell Dead Sea products, the mud, stuff like that.

"The people you work for, they teach you what to do, how to sell the products. You have a set pitch. You memorize it word by word. Even if you know nothing at all about the product, if you do the pitch word by word, people will buy it. The products you sell, you can buy them in Israel for $10. Here in the U.S. people pay $60, $70."

When Keren says this, there's an undertone of condescension toward the naive American shopper, who's willing to fork over big bucks to buy mud and salt from the Dead Sea.

Anonymous said...

Irish anti-Zionist, sorry for the late reply. If you have an email I can send you the footnotes. The reason I can't put it on this comments board is because I am not allowed to post tags on here for some reason. So if you give me your email I can send it to you, in fact i'll send you the whole essay with footnotes. Take care, peace out, and have a happy new year!!!

Anonymous said...

irish anti-Zionist, you can email me up at for more info.

Anonymous said...

Thanks salman, I'll email you :)

Anonymous said...

To Salman said...

Did you get any feedback from the professor?

I currently support Ron Paul because of my strong libertarian views. So, this subject is quite interesting to me.

Anonymous said...

ah yes more of the jews did it line of BS. Simple answers for simple minds.

This thing is much bigger than Zionist Mossad ppl. Take it from one who's seen their operation in action and has hard evidence that their activities continue to this day right here in ProThinks hometown.

Hacking it down into yet another 2hr video bit (or in this case 10 minutes) of whodunnit is exactly what is sought by agents of disinfo and dead ends that have infiltrated this movement that crumbles by the day. And its lazy research and logical leaps like this that's to blame.

Did MOSSAD know what was going down on 911? Of course. What factual evidence can we produce that would expose their intent? Sadly not much. All that we do have is a TV interview post-repatriation to Israel by one of the 'dancing Israelis' - "our purpose was to document the event."

This evidence corresponds to Fox's investigation which exposed intelligence gathering - not proof of riggin WTC as your video erroneously suggests. Could MOSSAD have rigged it? - of course. Can it be proven? - no it can't.

Efforts to mobilize the 'Truth Movement' around these dead end anomalies plays right into the hands of the perps who's ties to 9-11 can be proven and from such could be arrested and tried. You are being played for a sucker to continue on in your tunnel vision and lead people on a tangent that accomplishes nothing.

Think about it - so every Tom Dick and Harry on the street is convinced Zionists did 911 - what then? How is zionism defeated? How in a court of law will you bring about judgment against the criminals based on the 'evidence ' you present? If they are not held in legal judgment for their crimes whats stopping them from continuing in the same? How is the power structure in media and government to be dismantled if the debate and truth remains in the domain of YouTube videos and blog sites, marginalized by gross lapses in exposing the whole story and pigeonholed into their little camps of division? And realistically - how are the skeptics and naysayers en mass to be won over without hard proof (not to mention the fact that Israel in their mind remains our closest and best ally)?

This is desperation fueled not so much by disinfo - but dead end info. MOSSAD, WTC7, the Pentagon crash... Its all part of the plan to keep the truth on a track to nowhere as it has for 6+ years now.

What do we have on the perps? PLENTY. Start with Atta and this dudes terrorist origins. It'll land you right on the lap of David Rockefeller. Where will the Venice FL data lead you? To high crimes of treason within the CIA which will lead you to the global network of the cocaine and heroin industries with factual evidence presented by people within the network dating back decades, the global child kidnapping trade with PROVABLE, TRACEABLE roots all the way back to the early 80's. Following Facts will not only name names it will name companies, financiers, and beneficiaries like Ptech, Yassin al Qadi, Logan Furniture, CAIR International, Bannon Information Technologies, Mitre Corporation, RIGGS Bank, etc.

Facts and provable links will take you all over the world - Pakistan, Philippines, Kosovo, Germany, Malaysia, etc.

Hard facts will also connect the dots. Nick Berg, Omar Sheik, Bhutto's assasination, Ahmed, Atta, Tenet, Cheney, Lattimore, Bohringer, Abu Zubaydah and CIA tape destruction, London 7/7, OK city, etc.

MOSSAD is just a fraction of the story. You want two words for the real truth behind 9-11? ‘Meta groups’. You want one word? ‘Octopus’. ..with arms that are as far reaching as reading over your shoulder as you right now sit in the ‘privacy’ of your own home reading this comment – and its nothing compared to what they have planned. Surely not as sexy as screaming 'WTC7' whenever we meet the sheeple but I'm not into convincing people if it has no means to an end.

Which is why this Ron Paul the Zionist stuff is such BS. Here you have someone aiming straight for the heart in attempt to bring down this whole damn globalist plot from the top. A man with decades of PROOF of where his allegiance lies. Censured by the ‘zionist’ (lol - get some SEC filings and get back to me) media, clearly stated position regarding Israel – i.e. ‘saranara’...and yet you find justification in sabatoging the RP meetup board for your home state over an affiliation regarding the gold standard – back in 1992? Gimme a break.

Do you honestly believe the only guy to have demonstrated an immense and thoughtful knowledge of recent history and current precedents has no clue about 9-11? The evils of Zionism? Treasonous infiltration of the government? He’s a politician. Politicians need to play their cards in order to survive. Playing dumb is part of the business. The only difference this time is we have one on our side, the only one on our side that is poised to blow this wide open – if they don’t wack him first.

What is your alternative BTW? I’ve seen a lot of guys like you fizzle and fade as you have no workable, rational alternatives. Defeatism is just egoism as I’ve seen it and it has a short life... so where are you going with all of this?

Debate me rationally – don’t just delete my post cuz I don’t agree with you and have called you out on it before.

Phil @

Prothink said...

Phil, whoever you are, you are very professional at spinning information. Probably one of the best I have seen to be honest. I will have to tell you that your attempt to persuade people away from the truth like the rest of the shills out there isn't going to work anymore. The evidense is hardcore and your theories just don't add up. Nice try but I am confident that people who follow this site are a lot more intelligent than to fall for what you are pushing here. I give you an A+ for trying to get people to steer away from the facts. Yes, FACTS. I can understand this video is only 10 minutes and yet it is more damaging than 10 hours of all the other films out there pushing you "official truth" story. People are starting to wake up to the deceptions within the truth movement and thank god for that because it is about time this Zionist criminal network starts to take a fall after all the years of crimes done to humanity. You can't stop the tide of history no matter what ADL branch you work at. I suppose you read the "Stranger Than Fiction" document I have linked on my site and can debunk the history of this crime network. I wont censor people like you and your comments because I am not afraid of showing what you are doing because I have the truth behind me and thats what I am telling. Have a nice day I'll send you a free copy of the new film when it is finished, lol.

Khanverse said...

hey phil,

listen if you wanna debate this and have people see it with no censorship, come over to

register and create a thread and I will debate you on all the issues including your hilarious attempt at making Ron Paul seem anti-zionist.

we'll see where the facts are THEN.

Anonymous said...

An excellent video pro. keep it up

Zionist in any active organization even if it is against them, including ,Alex john . They trying to blame america not israel .But wt piss me off american politics still supporting them !

Anonymous said...

Wow... I recommend that everyone that comes here to the comment section look at the zio-stooge that comes in at 2am on Jan 1st, 2008 just to stir up trouble.

This is common to alot of real truth seeker websites, or blogs. The zionists have their own network of stooges that go out and purposely try to muddy the waters in blogs that are out to expose them!

This "anonymous" person is obviously either an Israeli operative, or a zionist shill. As a society we should root out these criminals for what they are, the evils of the world.

Prothink, you are doing a great job, and I too can hardly wait for the full video. Be aware that there are people out to discredit you, and that comes with the territory. I for one am a firm supporter of both yourself, and DBS over at

Keep up the good work, and I hope others are awakened by your material for the real fight of our lives to keep our freedoms.

Anonymous said...

Nice try, "Phil". We have heard it all, we know the truth and there is nothing you can do to spin it any other way. Adios, "Phil"!

Anonymous said...

anonymous...not yet

Prothink said...

I want everyone to know that I rejected Phil's latest comment he attempted to post on here. I don't have time for his attacks and disinfo and I already gave him a chance to prove his case and no one bought so he tried again with his Ron Paul propaganda. Message to Phil, go somewhere else because no one is buying what you are selling here. Call me censoring or whatever you want but you already have shown where you are coming from and I don't have time, nor will I support people wasting time responding to what you write. You are more than welcome to debate me or Khanverse on a live show where we can rip through your message once and for all and for everyone else to see. I also leave this challenge to any other detractors our there too that if you have beef with anything from this site, bring it to a radio show debate on and lets see the chips fall where they may.

Anonymous said...

Jack Shepard, presidential candidate...he talks about AIPAC's control and says he is against AIPAC check him out

Anonymous said...

Hey... "Phil the Shill" !! It has a nice ring to it....LOL

Good work, Mike!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking care of fools like that Phil guy, Mike... Lets hope that everyone can see through their despicable games, and expose them even more!

Why dont idiots like "Phil" go and spew their propaganda over at Alex Jones' phony site.... He has all the shills coming in there, so why not one more?

Anonymous said...


A great big huge thank you for a very powerful 9/11 documentary that paints a picture that's full of large, cold, brutal doses of reality. But, this is exactly what people need to see and hear to wake the hell up. It is absolutely imperative that we have truth and honesty in the horrendous crime of 9/11 to bring these perpetrators to justice.

Truth + Honesty about Jewish/Israeli/Zionist crimes in 9/11 and all over the world (including all the wars they start and terrorism/false flags they perpetrate)
= peace and freedom for us in U.S. and the entire world.

Birds of Feather

A couple years back I pointed out that Mike Enoch of TRS admitted himself that he was a jew. The firestorm (damage control at the time) wa...