Saturday, December 15, 2007


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Message to the Iraqi(s) involved in making this video.....

Thank you so much for your video. Although it was sad and broke my heart to watch, I believe it is a must see video. There was a sad undercurrent running throughout this video, and yet there was a positive-optimistic thread woven throughout your message as well.

The people of Iraq has suffered so much under the hands of some extremely propagandized and brainwashed citizens and military here in U.S. And it must stop.

Please understand that there are millions of Americans who, like myself, do not, I repeat DO NOT support this war and see it for what it is.....a war for Israel/Zionists/Jews - and their never ending quest for ultimate power in the world domination game. We see Iraq as an innocent sovereign nation that was attacked because it held valuable assets and resources for Israel, and also the evil nefarious objective of ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Your plea for justice, freedom and peace is strong and powerful and I plan on passing this video on to several forums on the Internet and to personal friends and family.

Please understand that millions of Americans such as myself that do not support this war (and never have since it's inception), also realize that if they (powers running the world - Jews/Zionists) can do this to Iraq, they will soon come after us in the U.S.

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