Saturday, December 22, 2007

Iranian Jews deal a blow to Zionists


Anonymous said...

What moronic stooges are the evangelical Christians that support Zionism!!!
Instead of being PROTHINKERS they are a bunch of NOTHINKERS.
They are impatiently waiting for a World War to ignite in the mideast so they can be beamed up to heaven.
They are hoodwinked by people such as Pat Robertson and other equally greedy $$Tel-evangelists$$.
In regards to Jewish Iranians,many are attached to the land of their births, many whose families goes back a thousand or more years ago.
Jewish Iranians are allowed to practice their religion in peace and many feel a deep allegiance to Iran.
Fran From San Diego,Ca.

Anonymous said...

Good article. I'ma put this up on my site! Spread the truth! Be safe man.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike for giving me this link... It figures that the Zio-media doesn't talk about this...

Iran is a peaceful country. Maybe there is hope for the world yet if people can see the truth!

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