Tuesday, December 18, 2007

DBS - Ron Paul outed as a Crypto Zionist.


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Mike: As the above anonymour comment shows...
Your naysayers don't talk about the issue, just shoot the messenger!

DBS has suffered from the same type of zio-loonies for years... Dont fret about it, man! These people of low IQ will always come out and speak jibberish.

Keep your head straight, my friend, and never give up the fight! The world needs patriots for the truth!

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Imagine taking out a signature loan for a million dollars. A few months into the payment cycle, and without having missed any payments, the creditors call you up and tell you that you must now secure your loan with your home.

That's essentially what switching to a gold standard would be. While we are in debt to the tune of 9 trillion dollars, those are only fiat dollars. They can be manipulated by deflating the currency. So, for example, if you deflate the currency by 50%, that 9 trillion dollars effectively becomes 4.5 trillion.

If we were to go to a gold-standard, we would presumably owe 9 trillion gold-backed dollars, rather than 9 trillion fiat dollars. Switching to a gold-backed currency would be great, provided that we were not in debt for 9 trillion dollars.

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I heard your interview with DBS, and I agree that something is extremely suspect about Ron Paul.

Does anyone even remember back in 1992 when Ross Perot ran, just as Ron Paul is, out of Texas? He caused massive dissolution in the electorate, and it seems that Ron Paul may be doing exactly the same thing now...

I can just see before the final tallies, when everyone has their hopes up about Ron Paul, that he pulls a Perot and suddenly withdraws from the race.

There is no limits that the Zionist criminals wont do to divide the electorate so that their hand picked candidates come out on top.

Memphis Police Shooting and Chimpout