Monday, December 17, 2007


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Anonymous said...

Americans: dumbed down and jingoed up for war by their zionist masters... really not funny.

Anonymous said...

Funny as a battered child.
So extreme I really am tempted to think it was set up ...could there possibly be people that stupid in this country ?
And you're correct about who is engineering it too.

Anonymous said...

Amazing... Is this what has happened to education in America?

I feel so sorry for the American public... They are but sheep to the Zionists, only to be destroyed at their whim.

Maybe its time for a second American Revolution... But the general public will be too dumbed down by flouridated water to even notice that too!

Anonymous said...

Are Americans really this stupid? No wonder a great nation is going to hell!

Please get the message out, people, before its too late. Zionism, and their minions, must be stopped at all cost! Lets free America from their evil shackles.

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