Monday, December 24, 2007

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews joined Palestinian protestors demonstrating against Zionism


Anonymous said...

The real Jews worship the Torah, while the evil Ashkenazi fakes worship the Talmud.

The Talmudic "Jews" are not even Hebrew, but Khazars! They have hijacked the "faith" of Judaism, and bastardized it into their ideals, based upon Zionism!

These evil people have murdered the true occupants of Palestine, the Palestinians, for over half a century, in their quest for a "Greater Israel". That land is not even their to begin with! Their true land is the region of central Asia, between the Black, and the Caspian Seas. If they want a "homeland", then they truthfully should be trying to ask the Russians for this land... Good luck to that.... So instead, they create this false ideal that Palestine is theirs.

I am glad that the Orthodox Jews are coming forward and fighting alongside the Palestinians... It may not be enough, because the evil Zionist alien people that occupy the region want domination, and have no intent of sharing the area at all. It is really up to all the governments of the civilized world to come out against this evil, and stop the money flow to these murderers.

Anonymous said...

israeli mossad in Iraq

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