Monday, December 3, 2007

Alex Jones continues cover-up of Israeli involvement in 911


Anonymous said...

LOL. I was listening to one of his recent shows within the last week, and I loved how he talked like a jew. He mentioned that he stayed at a hotel, and for breakfast he ate eggs, NO BACON!$!@#$ hehe

rxt78 said...

Here's the problem with Alex Jones, he has Jewish-Zionist handlers and bosses that dictate what he can/cannot discuss on his show. He continues to implicate Bush Cheney for everything (9/11, Iraq war, all M.E. wars et al), but he will not implicate the real perpetrators: Israel, Jews, Zionists, et al. He show is merely a smoke screen and artifice of subterfuge and deception. Send letters to him stating (in essence):

Dear Alex Jones: We know who you are working for and why you continue with your incessant lies. Stop covering for Israel, Jews, Zionists because they are the real perpetrators of 9/11, terrorism, M.E. wars, African wars et al...unless and until the real perpetrators are brought to justice we will continue to see these crimes repeated ad infinitum.

rxt78 said...

Alex Jones = Crypto Zionist Jew

By now it should be abundantly clear who Alex Jones works for and who signs his payroll checks: Zionist-Jews-Israelis. He has his orders from his Jewish handlers: they dictate to him exactly what and how he reports – he then acquiesces and capitulates. Alex Jones continues to implicate puppets for 9/11: Bush-Cheney. (they are involved in 911 - but not the masterminds-they are co-conspirators). The masterminds of 9/11 and many other false flag ops of terrorism are: Zionist-Jew-Israelis.

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