Thursday, April 12, 2007

(Flashback) Prothink's First Podcast - Michael Chertoff

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Photo Realism said...

Thanks for the information on your video. Michael Chertoff exudes and otherwise comes across as evil and vile. Even when he smiles he looks evil. That his last name translated into English means "son of the devil" is cause for consternation. He certainly hails (pardon the pun) from a radical Zionist Jewish family. It remains a mystery shrouded in an enigma about how this person is the head of the U.S. homeland security and penned the Patriot Act.

It's nice to see the young man (20-30 something) in the video....because quite frankly and for the sake of posterity, we need more young people to wake up....afterall the young people in this country will be our leaders some day and have the ability to change this dire situation our country is in (ruled under the shadow Israeli Zionist government). As someone who is middle aged, I believe this is very positive....that is, seeing young people become involved in the movement to expose the shadow Israel-Zionist government running our once great nation.

Truth, Honesty + Exposure to Crimes of Zionist Israel = Peace + End of False Flag Ops, Terrorism, Apartheid, and ending the genocide of millions of innocent people. Truth, Honesty + Exposure will set us free.

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