Friday, October 12, 2007

Message From Eric Hufschmidt 10/11/07

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Photo Realism said...

Thanks Eric for information regarding Christopher Bollyn. Although it remains a mystery and enigma about the whereabouts of Chris, I hope that he and his family are well and safe.

He was my hero for exposing 9/11, Iraq War, crimes of Israel and Zionism. Chris Bollyn is a great writer and journalist. And sadly, for being a truth seeker and exposing 9/11, Iraq, Israel and Zionism, he and his family may have paid a monumental price.

As idealistic as this seems...someday:
Exposing truth and honesty regarding Zionism, Israel, 9/11 and all wars = end of terrorism, end of hunger/famine, end of apartheid, end of dictatorships, ending the deaths of millions of innocent people.

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